Are Ball Pens Allowed In Board Exams

Are Ball Pens Allowed In Board Exams?

Are Ball Pens Allowed In Board Exams

Are ball pens allowed in board exams? Many people, this may include you, ask whether or not they can use ball pens in a board exam. Well, there could be several determining factors that could affect the answer to this question.

One is the exam rules. Most of the exams that we know allow ball pens and in fact, require examinees to use ball pens.

But the same rule might not apply to all types of exams. So it is very important for the examinee to know all the requirements before taking the exam.

In our experience, exams require both pens and pencils. The ball pens are used to write names on the answer sheet. While the pencils are used to shade the boxes or circles that correspond to the answer that the examinee chooses.

Are gel pens also allowed in exams?

We don’t exactly know if gel pens are also allowed in exams. But in most cases, ball pens are the most preferred.

There are many reasons that might explain why you should pick ball pens over gel pens. One of the reasons is that gel pens smudge.

Ball pens and gel pens are identical. The only difference is that gel pens have gel in their cartridges that help push the ink down to the tip.

And because of the constant pressure induced by the pushing gel, the ink supply at the tip is abundant resulting in smudges.

It is also important to note though that ball pens do smudge too depending on the brand you’re using. But there are best pens that you could use in exams that don’t smudge.

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If you are taking a major exam (e.g. board exam), you don’t want to compromise your opportunity to pass it. You want to make it as clean as possible.

Board exams nowadays are scored by machine. The problem is that the scoring machine is sensitive enough that it rejects papers that have unnecessary markings on them.

Thus, using a fast-drying and reliable writing tool is a must. Here are a number of reasons why you should use a ball pen in your exams:

1. You are accustomed to it

Since young, you have been told to use ball pens in school. You did the same in high school. That means that you’ve been using ball pens for many years.

The experience you gained from using pens is enough to find solutions if problems arise with your pen. You will be able to adjust and make some tweaks with your writing tool easily when you encounter problems along the way.

2. Ball pens write smoothly

Ball pens earned the reputation of giving a flawless writing performance to the users. Ball pens write smoothly on virtually any type of paper. This feature makes ball pens suitable for exams.

The papers being used in major exams nowadays are delicate and susceptible to damage if not handled carefully. Because ball pens are smooth on paper, you will less likely to ruin your answer sheet.

3. Ball pens’ ink is durable

Unlike other writing tools, ball pens’ ink is durable making it reliable in any writing situation. With correct handling, your answer sheet is safe from any unlikely circumstance.

So, are ball pens allowed in board exams? In most cases, yes. It is important though that you check the requirements and guidelines of the exams you are about to take.

Taking an exam can make you feel stressed. It is more than preparing your tools and your mind. But we are here to remind you that to pass an exam, you need to stay focus. You should not allow stress and psychological tension to affect you.

The following are helpful tips you can use during the exam:

  • Have enough sleep the night before the exam. It helps you gain focus.
  • Make sure you eat before an exam. But do not eat too much.
  • Attend to your personal necessities before the exam. Bring water or biscuits with you if it is allowed.
  • Come early. Earlier if you can. Avoid coming late because it can only stress you.
  • Have enough practice or review prior to the exam week. But as long as possible, do not review on the exam day. Do all the preparations days before.
  • During the exam, read the instructions carefully.
  • Do not panic if you don’t know the answer just leave the item for a while and proceed to the next item.
  • After you went through all the items, go back to the ones that you left unanswered.
  • Make sure you leave no blank in the answer sheet. Check and recheck all the necessary information you need to input.
  • Exams usually come in several sets. After each set, do not talk with other examinees because chances are you’ll be bothered by your answers from the previous set.
  • Condition your mind for the next batch of questions. It will help you stay focus.
  • Just have fun. Do not pressure yourself.

Exams, no matter the type can cause so much stress to the examinee. If one cannot handle the emotional and psychological pressure, the outcome usually suffers. This is the reason why some of the academically successful students don’t pass the exam.

The exam itself is not about the pens you use. It is about mental toughness. Those who were able to stay focus usually win and pass the exam.

Having the right writing tools during exams is very important. Pair it with mental preparedness and you will have a high chance of passing.

Are ball pens allowed in board exams? Yes. But you should follow instructions. For instance, most of the time the ball pens being used are the black ones. We don’t know the types of exams that use other ink colors.

The good thing is that all exams have specific guidelines. You will be guided accordingly if you pay attention to the instructions.

The key to your success in this instance is ample preparation and presence of mind. Do not let any distractions affect your focus.

Trust in yourself. You can absolutely do it if you just believe that you can.

And most importantly, just have fun. No matter what happens next, focus on the positive side of your experience. As long as you can, stay happy.