Are Luxury Pens Worth It

Are Luxury Pens Worth It? Quick Analysis

October 19, 2019

Are luxury pens worth it?

This question is pretty much subjective. For most people, spending money on a luxury pen is futile. The argument behind this is that you can use any type of pen when writing.

However, there are many people who treat luxury pens as a precious piece of the collection. They spend thousands of dollars to buy an expensive pen.

So, are luxury pens worth it?

Well, it is very difficult to tell you a specific answer to this question. What we can do instead is share with you what other people are saying about luxury pens.

We know someone who is not a rich individual but he owns a $2000 fountain pen. The reason why he bought the luxury fountain pen was the feeling he has for that pen. He likes the comfort when writing with that pen.

Apart from great ergonomics, durability is another factor. He said that he wants to pass the pen to his children someday. This type of durability feature cannot be commonly found in regular pens.

However, because the pen is pretty expensive, he does not carry or use the pen outside his house. The luxury fountain pen is only for his personal use indoor.

But we also know a person who does not like luxury pens. He, in fact, buy inexpensive pens for all his writing tasks either in-office or when signing the credit card receipt.

Well, for us here at The Ballpoint Pens, we use all kinds of pens. But we don’t own a million-dollar luxury pen.

What we know is that pricey pens are more reliable, durable, and have better performance than any inexpensive pens.

So the price goes hand in hand with the performance quality of the pen. Cheaper pens commonly have technical issues in ink quality and user experience.

But we are not saying that you should or should not buy a luxury pen. As mentioned, the answer to the question of whether are luxury pens worth it can be varied from one person to another.

It always depends on the motive behind the purchasing decision.

Why Do People Spend Lots of Money on Expensive Pens?

Today, we often see people buy expensive goods such as shoes, bags, houses, cars, etc. Some people can afford to pay cash while others use credit cards. Others though don’t bother to spend money on luxurious goods.

The mode of payment may suggest the different purchasing power of the buyer. The main possible reason as to why people are willing to spend so much money on something they don’t even need is the quality of the goods.

Needless to say that the expensive luxury pens, for instance, have superior quality than the cheap ones. But why not all wealthy people have the habit of buying expensive luxury pens?

This observation sparks a question. And this post attempts to unlock the reason behind this phenomenon.

Well, there are a number of reasons why some people really want to risk their financial state for a luxury pen. Those reasons are discussed below.

1. Irrationality Results in Irrational Buying Decision

Most of us think that we are rational beings. But our behavior speaks the opposite. In fact, we are emotional beings. This means that most of our decisions are governed by our emotions and not by our rational thinking.

As a result, in the consumer world, we tend to buy things that satisfy our emotional needs. This is good for companies that produce goods but bad for the impulsive consumer.

Compulsive buying behavior causes many people to the debt.

In most cases, we buy things that make us happy regardless of the disadvantages embedded in the product. One good example of this is when people wait for the new release of Apple’s products.

A rational person would think about why this is happening. Everyone knows that Apple’s cellphones and laptops are not the best in the market. There are other computer and cellphone companies that produced better and more superior computers.

In the case of pens, not all of the luxurious brands have the best quality. In fact, you can buy cheaper pens with performance similar to the luxury ones.

2. Self-Esteem Problem

Aside from the irrational buying decision, people tend to spend as much as they could to buy luxury goods to feed their self-esteem need.

That is right. People with low self-esteem turn their attention to pricey things to make themselves feel good. But the problem is that such hunger won’t stop. So people with low self-esteem often get trapped in debt especially those who have limited financial resources.

Another reason is the sense of fulfillment. Most people work hard for their respective careers. When a promotion or success comes, they tend to reward themselves for their accomplishments.

This may also be the main reason why some people buy luxury pens. Some want to feel good while others want to feel that sense of accomplishment for success.

3. Sense of Authenticity

Because luxury pens are often considered superior, most of us think that these pens are genuine. And when it comes to buying luxury goods, a sense of authenticity is one of the influencing factors.

Studies show that people prefer authentic goods over fake ones even though the fake looks like its original version.

People love to use and carry genuine luxury pens than fake ones. And they love to show it off to others. This is just a possibility and we are not saying that every person who bought luxury pens have the same motive.


People buy luxury pens for several reasons. The emotional factors play a very important role in impulsive buying behavior. As long as the goods could give emotional satisfaction, the consumer is willing to pay more than they could.

Part of this behavioral phenomenon is the fact that people want acceptance from others and a sense of belongingness. Luxury goods could make us feel good and satisfied.

Are luxury pens worth it? We live this question for you. Since we all have different emotional needs, we might have different answers to this question.

If you want to share your thoughts, please feel free to leave your comments below.