Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes

Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes?

Are Tactical Pens Allowed on Planes

Are tactical pens allowed on planes?

If traveling around the world by plane is part of your job, chances are you bring things with you during the flight. Mostly, your personal belongings including pens.

However, not all pens are legal or can be taken on board the planes. Tactical pens, for instance, have issues with the airport authorities.

So, are tactical pens allowed on planes? Because tactical pens are considered weapons, airport securities around the world may not allow the tactical pens on the planes with the passenger. But putting the pen in the checked-in baggage may be allowed.

Tactical pens are just writing instruments that are being used in regular writing. However, they can also be used for self-defense or even assault. This what makes tactical pens different from other regular pens.

Most of the tactical pens have a metal body that is strong enough to be considered a fighting tool. But they are not basically designed for fighting. Their main purpose or use is for writing.

Are tactical pens non-lethal and legal?

Regulations and laws on tactical pens vary from one country to another. But generally, since tactical pens are writing tools, they are considered non-lethal and legal. Anybody can buy them and carry them anywhere.

Tactical pens are not created to serve as an assault weapon. In fact, the laws around the globe do not classify a tactical pen as a weapon. However, even a barbecue stick can do damage so does this pen.

Bringing tactical pens on airplanes

Bringing a tactical pen with you on the plane is not possible. But in most cases, airport securities will allow you to put it in the checked-in baggage. Because the Transportation Security Authority (TSA) considers tactical pens as a weapon, passengers are not allowed to carry with them.

Today, it is almost impossible to conceal a tactical pen. The modern camera and scanners could easily detect the presence of prohibited objects. To avoid possible problems and delay with your flight, you need to pay attention to the things that are not allowed to carry during a flight.

If you really need to carry a tactical pen, make sure to put it in your baggage.

What does TSA say about tactical pens?

The TSA actually considers tactical pens as weapons. This means that you should not bring with you your tactical pen during a flight.

The TSA has given guidelines. The guidelines can be broken down into two simple reminders: ball pens are legal on the plane but not the tactical pens.

However, the TSA does allow tactical pens on board the airplane as long as they are in the checked-in bag. This is because checked-in luggage is out of reach during a flight. So people with hidden negative motive will not be able to reach the tactical pen that could be used as a weapon.

When you’re traveling by plane with tactical pens, do not forget to put them in your checked-in luggage. This will keep you free from any trouble with the airport authorities.

Are there tactical pens that look like regular pens?

There are tactical pens that can double as the tactical practical pen. These pens look like a regular pen. In fact, they are regular pens with a tactical pen caliber.

The following are some of the best practical tactical pens:

1. Practical Tactical Pens

The best part of having this pen is that people may not have an idea that this pen is actually can be turned into a weapon. Just like any regular pens, you can use it to write or sign on important documents.

However, during an emergency situation when you need a fighting tool, this pen can be your best weapon. Because it is made with materials being used on aircraft construction, you can be sure that the pen is durable and reliable in any unexpected situation.

Using a clip, you can easily carry this pen with you to your work.

This tactical pen is perfect for self-defense. Both ends are rounded and designed for an effective defensive weapon. People will have no idea that you are not just carrying a regular pen but also a concealed weapon in plain sight.

As a writing tool, this pen has an exceptional writing performance and outstanding ergonomic features that provide a comfortable writing experience. Clearly, this pen serves as a regular writing tool and as a defensive tool.

This pen can break the glass. So in an emergency situation when breaking the glass is the only option to survive, this pen is your best tool. Because it is made of tough materials, you can always rely on it.

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2. Smith and Wesson

Smith and Wesson is another tactical pen that looks like a regular pen. In fact, it is similar to a mechanical pencil. But it is actually more than it looks. It has a glass breaker that is made of solid aircraft aluminum.

Using a clip, you can easily carry the pen wherever you want to go. It is only 6.1 inches long and weighs 1.4 ounces. The pen this length and weight is easy to conceal or carry without a problem.

The pen is reliable in emergency situations. No one would suspect that it is a defensive weapon. Because it is made of tough aluminum, you know you are walking with a durable tool for possible emergency situations.

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3. Tactical Pen Self Defense

This tactical pen is made of durable Tungsten steel with a tough and strong tip. To most people, this tactical pen looks like a regular pen a student or an office staff would use in note-taking.

But the reality is that this pen does not only write well but also capable of breaking the glass. Most importantly, this pen is a very good defensive weapon against bad elements.

This tactical pen is designed to withstand the scourging environmental conditions. Not only has a superior toughness but also portability. You can easily carry this pen with you wherever you go.

You can easily tuck the pen in your pocket, backpack, and laptop bag. It is truly a multifunction writing and defensive tool.

As a customer, you don’t have to worry about the warranty. The company offers a money-back guarantee for pens that have issues upon receipt.

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4. LingSY Tungsten Steel Tactical Pen

The Lingsy tactical pen is one of the most beautiful tactical pens you can buy today. The colors make it look pretty much like a regular pen. An attacker will have no idea that you are carrying a defensive assault weapon.

This tactical pen comes with a gorgeous case making it perfect to give as a gift. Because it is made of aircraft aluminum, it is super tough and reliable. It can break a glass or window during emergency situations.

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5. Under Control Tactical Pen for Self Defense

At first glance, this tactical pen seems harmless. But with a close look, it has hidden features that can make the pen a devastating defensive weapon.

Some of the features include a solid glass breaker and a sharp tip. It also has a DNA collector and an LED flashlight. With one pen, you have a writing tool, a flashlight, and a defensive weapon.

The beauty and usability of this tactical pen make it the best-selling tactical pen in the market today. Well, this is unsurprising. The tactical pen with these features can easily entice pen lovers.

Aside from superior toughness and functionality, this pen also boasts portability. It is easy to conceal and carry wherever you go especially during a flight. It has a perfect size and weight for an accessible pen.

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