Ballpoint Pen Facts

The Ballpoint Pen Facts You Might Not Know

Ballpoint Pen Facts

What ballpoint pen facts do you know?

Technically, a ballpoint pen is a tool for recording and writing things essential to one’s life. Accordingly, before the existence of the ballpoint pen, there was first called a fountain pen made by Lewis Edson Waterman.

Due to the problems of ink in the said pen, Laszlo thought of something that leads him in making the ballpoint pen but Baum, a German first inventor who had the idea of the ballpoint pen in 1910.

The invention of the ballpoint pen which generally known as Biro or Ballpen and what people still uses in the present was successfully made by the Hungarian-Argentine brothers, László and György Bíró. But it was mostly credited to László, a journalist who made a theory to lessen the smudging of the ink in the fountain pens and used the newspaper ink instead in the 1930s. While Bíró, a chemist, was the one who made and perfected the case where the ink will be put and therefore was called the ball-and-socket technology.

An earlier time before Biro perfected his version, there was a banker from America named John Loud who first attempted to make a not-so-perfect version of the ball-and-socket technology that can be able to write on rough surfaces. It was first marketed in Hungary in 1938 by Andor Goy, the business partner of the brothers whom they signed a deal.

The invention of this instrument is quite tricky. It is ultra-sensitive based on the pressure you used. The more pressure you insert to the ballpoint pen, the more the ball of the pen will deliver a thicker layer of ink.

The weight of the tool is heavier than you think. The impact is quite impressive. It makes a person’s life go upside down just by having this device. One cannot have notes without it; one cannot review without notes; one cannot pass the exam without reviewing; one cannot graduate without passing the exams; one cannot find a great job without graduating.

Everything is about a pen. It has a circular motion of rotating within the environment.

As you use your pen to inscribe your agenda, you also engrave to your mind what you need to do. You cannot forget something easily if you wrote it down. The more you write a word, the more it will retain in your mind.

The small rotating ball which is the tip of the ballpoint pen is made from tungsten carbide, steel, and brass which disperses the ink. The function of this ball is not only to control the flow of the ink through the pen but also the ink dries off easily compared to other types of pen.

Based on the Guinness World Record, on April 24, 2011, Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa who resides in India somewhere in Nizamabad made the largest ballpoint pen that measures approximately 5.5 meters (18 ft 0.53 in) long and weighs 37.23 kilograms (82.08 lb 1.24 oz).

According to a survey, people who always carry their pen at all times reach 73 percent; 92 percent of people who keep at least 2 pens in their car and; about 83 percent of people who keep a promotional pen that is the ballpoint pen.

Being a writer is also being a fighter and use a humble pen. But sometimes, when a person encounters weaknesses they tend to use a pen and transform it into a knife. Someone who cannot speak and let it out, practice to write using a ballpoint pen to harm and inflict pain to somebody who hurt them. According to George Banister, they believe the pen is mightier than the sword.

A pen can help the user to achieve their personal growth. Writing a journal or diary is like speaking to your inner self and will give you comfort when there’s a time that you want to give up your real you. You have to push through, get yourself back together and putting it all back to the way it used to be. And maybe, it will also have enlightened you to change, accept the fact that you can be better and be the best version of yourself by reading your own writings.

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