Ballpoint Pens Made In Germany

Ballpoint Pens Made In Germany

Ballpoint Pens Made In Germany

Quality Education is a collaboration between mental ability and mechanical instruments. The mental instrument denoted as a person’s manifestation of intellect and wisdom and the mechanical instrument denoted as a tool for implementing intellect and wisdom are needed together to attain not just quality education but a success.

The mechanical instrument though is regarded as just a mere tool, it still plays a crucial role in learning. Little did we know that a simple tool that has been nearly neglected and taken for granted by many made a great contribution and impact in our lives. We used it without knowing the worth and significance it plays. We hold it every time we go to school or other places, unaware of fortune it can grant us in the future. We value many things that are insignificant but we overlook those things which are of significance.

When you come to look around, whether it be inside the university, in the office, classrooms, library, in the canteen you may see a pen that is useful in taking notes, in communicating and expressing one’s self through writing, in examination, and documentation of day to day agendas and so on. According to Strategies posted on June 27, 2012 “Seventy-six percent of consumers consider pen as an important, very important or extremely important part of daily personal activities”. Indeed, the pen plays a significant role in people’s lives.

Editors of Popular Mechanics recently ranked ballpoint pen as number 54 out of 101 gadgets that changed the world. Despite the fast-growing technological advancement present in our time, the ballpoint pens can never be excluded from the people’s daily routine. It is said that a ballpoint pen can change people’s lives, but why is it so? As was said before, the ballpoint pen is essential for an individual to express his thoughts, feelings, and intellect. Every student found their great companies in school through the presence of pen starting with grade school up until a man ends learning and they cannot resist the big role that a pen has contributed in their lives.

Upon reminiscing our childhood, the first time you ask your mom to use her pen instead of using pencils, the time you feel excited when you hold one of its kind and find it cooler using pen than any other writing instrument. The ballpoint pen and a single individual shares a lot of experience and challenges up to now- from the time your teacher discusses lessons, you use your favorite pen to take down notes, during competitions like journalism contests, essays, and English Olympics you use the pen to express your wisdom, thoughts, and ideas.

Even when you are expressing your feelings to someone close to your heart you always make sure that you have made use of the best types of pens that might emphasize your love and effort through writing. In every examination, outputs, school requirements, reports and other school and business-related data, you rely on the use of ball pens. The ballpoint pen is regarded as a sign of change mainly because of its great contribution to learning and development.

Some people are more comfortable and good at expressing their views in written- and simply state their views and opinions using a pen or other tools in writing. Industry Research cited “One cannot express everything verbally, there are many purposes that need records and is more convenient to express in letters. Another one cited is that “Pen is a student’s best friend- it is everything that a student needs in order to write what he knows in the exam and takes them far in life when used properly.”

According to history, the ballpoint pen was invented by the Hungarian journalist, Laszlo Biro. Due to the inconvenience that the old fountain pens are creating during writing, he invented the ballpoint pen to stop refilling of ink and disallow messy smudges that a fountain pen creates.

The affordability and portability of the ballpoint pen made it invariably used and known. As a matter of fact, numerous companies are clashing to effectively utilize these ballpoint pens. In Germany, there are a lot of manufacturers of writing instruments that embody quality and craftsmanship. Some of the best writing or pen industries in Germany are the Diplomat pens, Kaweko pens, Online pens, Otto Hutt pens, Pelikan Pens, Porsche Design pens, Rotring pens, Schmidt pens, and the Lamy pens.

Ballpoint Pens Made In Germany

Diplomat Pens

The Diplomat pen company offers different kinds of pens and not just ballpoint pens. It started its operation in the year 1922 in which German tradition and design is evident in every pen they produce. They are committed to giving their customers an exceptional quality of pens that made the company a great brand in the country.

Kaweko Pens

The second one is the Kaweko pen company which is a bit historic because of its foundation in 1883 in Nuremberg Germany. Despite its historical context, it was never left behind the trends in modern times. It possesses historical quality touched by innovative designs. Most of the Kaweko pens come with a 1-year warranty but never been disappointing because of its excellent features.

The Online pen company was founded by the great German siblings Alexandra and Thomas Batsch. The term “Online” was used by the company not to denote the fast-growing internet but to evoke up-to-datedness and a reference to writing. It retained its main function by providing nonstop innovation in their products and setting trends in their product issues. Though sometimes regarded as a rookie in the line of pen industry because it was founded in the year 1991, it still blends in and striving to be part of the top ten pen industries in the country.

Otto Hutt pens

The Otto Hutt Pen Company, on the other hand, has a peculiar characteristic in their pens because of their pens silvery structure. The company was founded in 1920 by Karl Hutt and later acquired the idea of Bauhaus style which incorporates silver to their pen industry. This connotes usefulness in a luxurious manner even in the most ordinary or simple day to day activity. The company also come up with the idea of giving a 1-year warranty to its buyers.

Pelikan Pens

The next company was one of the oldest pen company in German History and yet still competent when it comes to innovation, quality, and functionality. This company is well known as the Pelikan Pen Company founded in Hanover, Germany in 1838. The renowned German engineering is said to be alive and well in each of their products in the market and as they can proudly say that they had already perfected the art of manufacturing exceptional writing instruments over the 170 years at being in the industry. The company is also confident in giving 3-year warranty in most of their products and a lifetime warranty to each of their special and limited-edition issues.

Porsche Design Pens

Uncontended of designing cars and other transportation devices, the Porsche developers made their way of entering another line of the industry through their Porsche design writing tools which were established in the year 1972. The developers of this line of pens made a promising statement of giving the people a well-engineered pen with clean lines and functionality. This unique kind of pen is remarkable to anyone in possession of even just one kind of its products. The company also offers a 3-year warranty on most of their designs.

Rotring Pens

Another extraordinary company of ballpoint pens and other pens is the Rotring Company. Their designs of pens are mostly out of the grasp of our human minds because they literally replaced ordinary with the peculiarity in their designs. Based on the Pen Chalet dealers in one in one of their articles, the Rotring has made ingenious writing instruments such as the first nibbles fountain pen and the four-color pen.

Schmidt Pens

Needless to say that the German industrial companies are well-favored and known internationally. Just like the previous companies, SCHMIDT Technologies, another pen industry also fills the spot in the pen rivalry in the country. Their expertise and forte lie on their internationally leading rollerballs and ballpoint pen refills which are inexpensive yet functional. Ironically speaking, some of the pen manufacturers used to consume their refills because of its inexpensive quality.

Lamy Pens

The last but definitely not the least company is the Lamy Pen Company which is an independent family business founded by C. Josef Lamy in 1930 in Heidelberg, Germany. It carries the title of leading German-made pen because it produces over 6 Million writing instruments yearly.

The Lamy Company being the top of the industry uses the highest quality of raw materials and technological advancement in producing quality products. Most of the company’s products are given a lifetime warranty and was never been disappointing.

One of their promising and captivating remarks saying “Stand out by virtue of innovation, reliability, restraint, and status which does not relate to luxury but to intelligence” made a great difference from the other companies. They wanted their users to see the value of the ball pen itself as an instrument in effectively relaying intellect and not as an item to be owned as a fetish to be displayed. Possessing a high-quality ballpoint pen can be a sign of luxury and modernity but it must be, if possible, retain the value of intelligence in itself.

In a nutshell, humans and ball pens are somewhat inseparable. Taking the German people as an example, they consumed almost all of their pen productions and scarcely exports these pens to other neighboring countries or interested parties. It is a living testimony that they give much importance to the functionality of ball pens despite the rampant number of new gadgets and modern instruments.

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