Benefits Of Writing By Hand

The Amazing Benefits Of Writing By Hand

Benefits Of Writing By Hand

The computer becomes one of the things that this generation dependent upon. Most of our daily transactions are through computers. Students make their school projects and study their lessons using computers. As a result, the benefits of writing by hand gradually fade. Yes, traditional writing is beneficial. This is the reason why some of the well-known writers still use the pen and paper method in drafting their manuscripts.

The belief that writing by hand is beneficial to human functioning actually supported by many scientific inquiries. It could actually boost cognitive functioning such as focus, better understanding, and better learning capabilities.

Some believe that writing by hand helps you to develop a better description of the subject you are writing about. It connects you and your ideas better.

But the benefits of writing by hand are more than one can imagine. In this article, I will share with you some of the benefits of traditional writing.

The benefits of writing by hand

Some of these benefits are supported by scientific findings. Meaning, the claims are not armchair speculations. Let’s start.

1. Writing by hand increases learning

Most college students nowadays heavily rely on laptops and gadgets to take down notes during classes.  Although computers allow students to perform faster in their academic activities, writing by hand may have greater benefits than using computers.

Writing by hand actually helps increase learning and comprehension. In one study, researchers found that students who use pen and paper in taking notes achieved greater comprehension than those who used computers despite computers made the participants faster.

2. Writing by hand boosts cognitive functioning

Writing by hand activates the most parts of the brain making it more active when writing. The more active the brain, the better the output it can produce. This result is not usually found in typing.

3. Writing by hand relaxes your nervous system

Several research findings found that journaling boosts happiness and psychological calmness. These are just the benefits of writing by hand. Writing using your pen calms not only your mind but also the entire nervous system. In fact, Dr. Marc Seifer, an expert in longhand writing believed that just declaring your inner peace through handwriting can tremendously help the mind.

Aside from mental calmness, writing by hand also increases the brain focus. This allows you to write down your ideas without distractions.

4. Writing by hand slows down mental aging

As we grow older, the aging process will not only affect our body but also our cognition. One of the benefits of writing by hand is making the aging delayed. Writing by hand constantly stimulates the neural circuits which in turn maintains the brain’s sharpness. Writing by hand is one of the activities that sharpen the mind regardless of age.

5. Writing by hand increases creativity

Many novelists prefer writing by hand than typing. This is because they felt more creative when writing using a pen or a pencil. It keeps its story flow more fluently and consistently. Over the years, despite computer domination, countless writers around the world are still employing the longhand method of writing.

This artists’ perception is supported by a study in 2009. According to the result, students who wrote longhand were able to write complete sentences as opposed to those who used the typing.

One of the most fascinating truths about writing by hand that you cannot see in typing is the fact that writing by hand gives your writing a style. Typing only produces the ubiquitous writing style making your writing unrecognizable. Whereas, writing by hand shows your distinctive writing style.

6. Writing by hand decreases depression and anxiety

Writing by hand is therapeutic. If you are feeling down, stressed, depressed, writing your emotions down using a pen will greatly help you feel better. Many therapeutic techniques employ writing to lessen the emotional burden. Most of the time it is done with pen and paper.

Journaling is one of the therapeutic activities you can do for yourself. It will not only allow your mind to gain focus on your experience but also helps you create a better connection with your inner world.

7. Writing by hand defeats dyslexia

This is one of the most amazing benefits of writing by hand – it combats dyslexia, a reading disorder. People who suffer from this condition have a hard time reading or pronouncing words. Writing by hand will not automatically lessen the challenge caused by this condition but in the long run, it gets better.

Learning these benefits of writing by hand made me realized that technology may not always helpful. Of course, the computer makes our lives easier in school, work, or in many aspects of our lives. But the traditional way of doing things, writing by hand remains helpful than the modern way (typing).

These benefits of writing by hand are only a few of the positive effects. If you dig deeper, you will find more and more benefits. If you want to experience the benefits, grab a pen now and start writing by hand. Let’s go traditional!

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