Best Ball Pen For Board Exams

Best Ball Pen For Board Exams

Best Ball Pen For Board Exams What is the best ball pen for board exams? The answer to this question can be varied. There could be many factors that may affect one’s choice. Some of those may include handwriting styles, finger shape and length, and gripping styles.

But generally, there are many advantages if you choose a ball pen over a gel pen. The reason is that ball pens are easier to use which in turn allows you to write faster. In addition, ball pens are cheaper making it affordable for everybody.

But the only challenge you need to address is making sure that your ball pen does not spread ink on your test paper during an exam. In this case, you need to find the best ball pen for board exams.

There are plenty of ball pens you can buy in an office supply store or from an online retail shop. But not all of them are reliable. You can’t trust the outcome of your exam on those unknown ball pens.

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When you are about to take any major exams, make sure that your ball pens are ready and reliable. Having said that, we would like to share with you our trusted and reliable ball pen brands.

Although you don’t need to bring several pens during an exam, it is important to bring additional pens in case technical problems occur. It is better to be ready than to waste your time during an exam finding a replacement of your ball pen.

Choose your best ball pen for board exams

Let’s start picking…

Eye Fine Neat Rollerball UB-157

This ball pen is perfect if you are looking for clear and fine penmanship. The UB-157 has a nib size of .7mm which lets you experience a smooth and accurate writing performance. It allows you to write even in narrows line spaces.

This ball pen has a special mechanism that allows the ink to smoothly flow without stopping making your writing uninterrupted. In addition, because this pen has a window barrel, you will be able to monitor how much ink is left inside the pen. This feature makes this pen super reliable.

The UB-157 is also perfect for drawing and sketching. It comes in different colors such as black, green, blue, orange, red, and violet which you can choose from.


  • Guarantees excellent writing performance
  • Have advanced mechanisms that keep the ink constantly flow until its last drop
  • The tip is made of stainless steel that ensures durability

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Cello Pinpoint Pen

Cello pinpoint pen has a solid and transparent casing. It also has an elastic grip perfect for sweaty fingers. It allows the user to freely write on the paper without slipping from the hand. With its fine and clean handwriting experience, the cello pinpoint pen is one of the favorite pens of engineering students.


  • 10 pieces a pack
  • Has 0.5mm nib size that gives excellent writing performance
  • Has a rubberized grip that provides a good writing experience

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Pilot V7 Hi-tech Point Pen with Cartridge System

The V7 Hi-tech point pen is the first ball roller pen that has a cartridge system. What this means is that you don’t have to replace the whole pen when it is running out of ink. Using the cartridges, you can refill the pen over and over again without compromising the performance. By minimizing the parts of the pen to be thrown away, you are contributing to your environment by using an eco-friendly product.

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This pen boasts its capacity and durability. It is designed to write up to ten thousand meters. This feature alone makes it the best ball pen for board exams. Another feature includes a stainless steel tip that makes it a strong writing device.

Another feature of this pen is the measuring mechanism that measures the remaining ink. The ink is made of a special liquid that provides a smooth writing experience on the part of the user.

Reynolds 045 Fine Carbure Blue Ballpen

This pen is memorable to almost all of us. When I was in primary school, I remember using this pen during my transition from pencil to a ballpoint pen. It was a huge challenge to me and to my classmates. Unlike pencils, the handwriting can be hard to correct if mistakes were made. So, like many people, this pen reminds me of my childhood.

This pen retains its reliability and durability. It allows you to write clearly and accurately whatever your writing style is. It will never fail you to give you a smooth and free writing experience.

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Cello Technotip Blue Ball Pen

One of the best features of Cello Technotip is its Lubri flow ink system. This system provides smooth ink flow for smooth and uninterrupted writing performance. It also has an elastic grip attached to its casing making it another best ball pen for board exams. The user can rely on its durability and lasting best performance.


  • 10 pieces a pack with three different colors (Blue, Black, Red)
  • With a nib size of 0.6mm perfect for fine and excellent long-time writing performance
  • Equipped with a rubberized grip that provides a comfortable writing experience

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Linc Glycer Blue Ink Ball Pen

The Link Glycer ball pen boasts its durability and quality performance. Its 0.6mm nib size is perfect for many uses, especially for major exams. The design ensures a strong grip so that the pen will not slip out of your hand while writing.


  • Has an ink that never fades
  • Provides smooth writing experience
  • Lightweight that gives a user a tireless writing experience
  • Equipped with mechanisms that protect the pens from leaking

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Cello Gripper Ball Pen, Blue Ink

The Cello Gripper boasts a comfortable writing experience. Its elasto grip allows a strong grip while writing. The Cello Gripper is rigorously tested before it becomes available in the market to ensure quality and better performance. It is designed to be used and survived in extreme conditions.

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LAMY Safari Ballpoint Pen – Model 217

The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen is one of the most comfortable and finger-friendly when writing. Most students and teachers love this pen because of its incredible performance in all sorts of writing tasks.

Having this pen during exams gives you confidence. You will not worry about smudges and possible writing distortions that you might experience with other pens.

This pen delivers superb writing in crucial times such as major exams. The comfortability and reliability are just a few of the features that you will enjoy with this pen.

The Lamy Safari Ballpoint Pen is German made making it special. The best part is that this pen perfectly fits with any user including the left-handed ones. The ink perfectly flows leaving no smudges on the paper.


  • Durable
  • Has the best ergonomic characteristics
  • Has a durable and flexible metal clip
  • Does not smudge
  • Incredible ink flow

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Parker IM Stick Black Barrel

The Parker IM Stick Black Barrel is one of Parker’s product that has an incredible reputation when it comes to reliability and superb writing performance.

With its new technology, this pen assures perfect ink flow as well as a user’s comfortability. The ergonomics of this pen are simply unbelievable.

Most adult pen users love this pen not only for its irresistible beauty but most importantly its performance on any paper surface. This pen just writes without skipping or smudging.

If you are choosing your pen for your exam, you may want to try this pen. Make this pen your important tool for passing the exam.


  • Has the combination of superb ergonomics, simplicity, and affordability
  • Writes smoothly on any paper surface
  • Does not smudge
  • Does not skip

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Cross Edge Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen-Matte Black

The Cross Edge Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen is one of the best pens that gives the user comfort and excellent ink flow. With the aid of new technology, this pen is a fantastic writing tool, especially during major exams.

This pen simply glides on any paper surfaces which reduces effort on the part of the user. It is super comfortable. It has a special mechanism that eliminates hand strains.

This pen is designed to deliver precision and smooth writing experience. With the durable pocket clip, you can easily carry this pen wherever you go without losing it.

This pen is not only perfect for exams but also for the gift. The elegant features simply amaze people.

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LAMY Multi System Twin Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil

Choosing the best ball pen for board exams is not an easy task. There are many things you need to consider especially the features of the pen. This is because every exam demands a special pen feature such as ink color, nib size, etc.

But such challenges are resolved by the Lamy Multi System Twin Ballpoint Pen. As the name connotes, it is multifunctional. Carrying this pen during your exam frees your mind from worry.

With just one brand of the writing tool, you will be able to accomplish the required exam tasks. This pen is designed to deliver excellent writing performance for a variety of writing.

This pen comes with a mechanical pencil. Perfect for exams that require drawing. Basically buying this pen is like hitting two birds with one stone.


  • Comes with a mechanical pencil
  • Incredible smoothness on any paper surface
  • Has superb ink flow
  • Does not bleed or smudge
  • Comfortable to use

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Here you go. You have our favorite ballpoint pens. But aside from giving you a glimpse of our best ball pen for board exams, we also want you to give some pieces of advice about the actual exam.

In reality, ball pens are just your instrument to be used to indicate your best answer on a test paper, it cannot make you pass. Your outcome depends on you and you alone. No matter how good your pen is, if your preparation is lacking, failure is likely to happen.

However, a failing score may not be the result of poor preparation. Sometimes, it comes from the inability to handle stress and attain focus during the exam. The common reason why many examinees lost mentally, is pressure. And pressure would result in unnecessary shortcomings.

To avoid this from happening during your exam, follow the tips below.

Steps worth considering:

  1. Answer the items which you know

Scan the test paper and look for the items which you have the knowledge about. Do not stay long every time. Then, after going through the whole test paper, go back to the previous items you skip. In this way, you’ll be able to answer the exam fast. But you should be careful not to miss any items unanswered. It is important that you check every item thoroughly before submitting your paper.

  1. Answer the questions confidently

Excitement and pressure are common feelings that an examiner may feel during the exam. But whatever you do, try to control your emotions. Stay focus and don’t be strayed. Answer the questions confidently. As long as possible, do not change your answer often. Studies show that changing an answer will not help. Actually, it does the opposite. The more frequent you change the answer, the higher the probability that you get it wrong. Forget other things outside your current experience. Calm your mind. Remember that stress could sabotage your goal of passing the exam.

  1. Follow instructions at all times

Instructions are very important especially those of electronically checked test papers.  Simple deviance from the instruction will result in a considerable price. So read the test instructions very carefully before answering the questions.

Congratulations! You reach the end of this article. We hope you get it. Your best ball pen for exams plays an important role in the attainment of your goal. But the pen alone cannot save you. You need to give your very best to pass the exam. Good luck with your journey. We hope that our ballpoint pen and exam tips will help you.

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