Best Ballpen For Students

Best Ballpen For Students: Get Your Favorite Pen

Best Ballpen For Students

A student’s life is demanding. It requires you a lot of writing. Jotting notes during a class is incredibly powerful to capture the important points your teacher is talking about. But there’s one problem, writing sometimes is challenging especially if you’re using a writing tool that is not conducive for writing. So what is the best ballpen for students? You may ask.

When I was a student, I found out that not all pens work well during class discussions. But I have some favorite pens that never failed to impress me all these years.

Here, I will share with you my best ballpen for students and other pens that you may be interested in. These best brands of pens are often considered the best by students and even professionals.

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Depending on your preference, these pens may or may not work for you. In deciding what brand of the pen to use requires you to consider whether you’re a right or left-handed person. This is because not all pens work for both types of users.

Thus, I choose the brands of pens that work perfectly well for different users.  From the list below, decide which the best ballpen for students is.

1. Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens

These ballpoint pens have mechanisms that allow the users to push on and off the tip. The Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens come in different color choices which give you freedom and flexibility. You can have the navy, lime, brown, green, blue, black, magentas, and black.

But for students, the color black is required. It reflects both elegance and formality. However, some teachers allow students to use other ink colors. But in my case, I just love the black ink. The reason is that I can use the black pen in all writing job especially on legal documents.

The best part is that these pens have soft-grip rubber on the casing which provides comfort on the part of the user. The clip allows you to carry the pen safely preventing the ink from spilling out.

2. Pentel R.S.V.P. Ball Point Pens

Although laptops and other gadgets allow you to record class discussions, still, there’s no better substitute for longhand writing as far as note-taking is a concern. In my class, I highly recommend the old way of jotting notes using pens and notebooks. If you are required to do so, you need a durable and reliable pen.

One of the best pens for long writing sessions is the Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pens. What makes this pen the best ballpen for students is its salient features. This pen is refillable and has a transparent barrel that allows the user to see the ink level. You only need to buy the pen once and just refill it as it runs out of ink. The stainless tip guarantees durability and reliability.

3. Daveliou Calligraphy Pen

Arguably, Daveliou Calligraphy is the best brand in terms of choosing the best pen brands. Most students found this pen is the most durable and flexible. From the color and nib sizes, you have too much freedom to pursue your personal preference.

Whatever color or nib sizes you choose, the durability and quality are assured. The pen is made of steel that protects the pen from breaking in any unexpected corrosions. You can be certain that your pen will last longer and perform its best regardless of the writing condition.

Along with the quality of this pen, it is also elegant. It is perfect for students who are looking for pens that have both functionality and aesthetic features.

4. Cross Classic Executive Essential Black Lacquer

If you are looking for a pen that can perform in any writing challenges, this pen is what you are looking for. The Cross Classic Executive Essential Black Lacquer boasts its ability to perform well under different writing conditions.

The great feature of this pen is its decorative ring that gives you different writing styles. This pen never ceases to give great impressions to the users. The pen is easy to strike on the paper because it is light and smooth while writing. The only problem with this is the price. These pens are a little bit expensive for students. But the benefits you’ll get exceed the money you will have spent.

5. Misprint Metal Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Pens that are made of metal are durable and guarantee good performance. The Misprint Metal Retractable Ballpoint Pens are among them. This brand not only known for its durability feature but also for its usability. Most often, you can buy these pens in a set of 25 pieces. There are a few color and nib size choices. The most popular colors are black and blue. The sizes are appropriate for draft writing and note-taking. The best part is its affordable price. These pens seemed to be created for students. The only problem with these pens is the color choices. There are only two color variations: black and blue.

6. Staedtler

If the previous brand of the pen has limited color choices, the Staedtler Color Pen Set has multiple color variations. In fact, you can choose your favorite color from the 30 different color choices. What makes this brand one of the best brands of pens is its ability to sustain in a long writing session. Depending on the frequency of use, these pens can last for a year.

These pens have a metallic tip that provides better writing performance and durability. The ink is made of non-toxic materials making these pens some of the safest writing tools you can use both in school and at home.

Aside from multiple color choices, these pens are designed to provide a comfortable experience on the part of the user. The triangular shape provides better grip and writing performance.

The Staedtler Color Pens are not just for students but also for professional designers. The multiple colors and nib size choices give the users freedom and flexibility.

7. Zebra F-301

Most ballpoint pens that are made of steel are heavy. But the Zebra F-301 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pens are lightweight. If you love retractable pens, then this is for you.

With the stainless steel barrel, you can assure its durability and long-lasting performance. You can also choose your favorite color at a low price. This brand comes in different cool features. The cartridge can be easily replaced when runs out of ink. Above all, this brand is affordable perfect for students who have a tight budget.

8. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

Another best ballpen for students is the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen. This brand is made to impress users. Unlike other pens that are made of steel, the Lamy Safari is made from a special type of plastic called the “ABS”. This pen creates clear marks on the paper on every strike. If you are looking for a pen that helps you achieve the writing performance you want, the Lamy Safari is perfect for you.

9. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink

When it comes to choosing the best ballpen for students, the Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel ink Roller ball Pens can be the best choice. These pens are ranked as one of the best pens for students. The pens have a rubberized grip that makes the pen comfortable to write. Using these pens, you can easily achieve fine line and clean writing performance. They are designed for students as well as for professionals. The only problem is the limited ink color choices. Being refillable, you can maximize the use of these pens. You only need to buy the cartridge every time it runs out of ink.

10. JinHao 250

If you are looking for a pen that could stand in the test of time and environment, the JinHao 250 Stainless Steel Gold Trim Fountain Pen is a perfect choice. The casing is coated with steel that resists corrosion. With these features, you can assure that your writing tool will last longer than most pens you might have tried before.

One of the best features of this brand is its refillability. You only need to buy the whole pen once and just refill the ink as it runs out. The cartridge is made to last. Since these pens circulated in the market, no report of leaks or ink issues. It is proven to be a durable and reliable pen.

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Final thoughts

There you go. You have my list of the best brand of pens. Now it is your turn to pick your best ballpen for students. You can buy these best brands of pens from the online stores. You don’t need to go out.

I hope that this simple list will help you make your best decision in choosing your best writing tool. The pens I introduced above are not only perfect for students but also for professionals whose work involves long handwriting.

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