Best Black Pens for Exams

Best Black Pens for Exams: What Are They?

Best Black Pens for Exams

What are the best black pens for exams? If you are a student, or someone who is about to take a major exam, you might also ask the same question. This is because all major exams have a specific set of regulations. In most cases, examinations require special writing tools especially the black ink pens. I took two exams and one thing I learned is that not all pens work equally. So what are the best black pens for exams you can use?

Examinations are not like usual exams you encountered in school. Board exams, for instance, are more intense which needs focus and a handy writing tool. And most importantly, the pens you’re using must not leave unnecessary marks on the paper. The unnecessary marks may cause harm to your score once the checking machine will not be able to detect the answer.

Taking these issues into consideration (as someone who already passed two major exams), I would like to share important tips you can use in finding your pens. In this post, I will be talking about the best black pens for exams. Find out which of the following pens best suits your needs.

Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen

Long writing sessions during an exam may cause fatigue and cramping in your hand especially if you’re using a pen that is heavy and difficult to hold. The solution is of course to find the light and easy to write pens. One of the best in this category is the Zebra F-301 Ballpoint Stainless Steel Retractable Pen. This pen comes in 0.7mm nib size and black ink. It is known for its maneuverability and easy-glide ability. The Zebra F-301 is made of durable stainless but it is incredibly light with ergonomic features. You can easily refill the ink as it runs out using the Zebra’s F-Refill.

The Zebra F-301 is also a good company at work. In fact, as a university professor, I always have this pen on my desk or in my pocket. What I found amazing about this pen is its size. Because it is smaller than most of the pens out there, this pen is easier to carry either in my class or in a meeting. Its sophisticated features make it luxurious and unique.

The Zebra F-301 is simply one of the best pens that could last forever. And the best feature? The price. It will not cost you a fortune to own this amazing writing tool. With a few bucks, you will own one of the amazing pens in the world.

Parker IM Black Ballpoint Pen with Medium Black Refill

During the exam, your focus is on the question on every item. Thus, your pen should not cause distractions. It would easily glide on paper with minimal force or effort. If you want a pen that does exactly what you want, then the Parker IM is what you need. This pen dominates in the market in terms of performance quality and durability. The history has it. For decades this pen shines unceasingly.

The Parker IM is a combination of simplicity, accessibility, and elegance. It uses the latest ink mechanism that makes the pen smoother, consistent and clear writing performance.

The pen comes with an elegant box that creates a good first impression. And that first impression will surely last because the pen delivers the job it promises. In several decades, users still have their first impression of this pen.

The Parker IM Black Ballpoint Pen fits with anyone’s hand making it one of the most flexible pens on the market. With an affordable price, this pen is for everybody especially for those who are about to take an exam with a tight budget.

The Parker IM is not only affordable but also offers comfort to the users’ hands. With the metal grip, it is easy to hold while writing. Without a doubt, this pen is one of the best black pens for exams.

Paper Mate Ink Joy 500

Your pen can determine the fate of your score. Making an unnecessary mark on your test paper may discount your correct answer. So making a clear or neat writing is a must during that critical situation. Left-handed individuals often encounter this problem because their hand trails after the pen while writing. The tendency is that they drag their hand on a newly written area. If you’re using a pen which ink takes time to dry, you will have a headache.

The solution is the Mate Ink Joy 500. This pen uses the latest ink technology that makes it dry faster without compromising the quality of writing performance. Users can personally experience the smoothness of this pen when writing on the surface of any paper.

The Mate Ink Joy 500 fits with any user’s hand. The rubberized grip provides exceptional comfort and total control over the pen. This pen does not only boost its maneuverability but also style and durability.

However, some users had some negative experience with this pen. Although many users (that includes me) never had a negative experience with this pen, some users claimed that this pen could possibly smear. Nonetheless, my experience with this pen was nice and commendable. You can try it yourself to find out whether or not this pen delivers what it intends to deliver.

Lamy Vista Rollerball

We all have favorite pens. But when it comes to taking a major exam, you might need other pens that suit the requirements. In my case, fountains are some of my favorites. But when writing important documents (or taking an exam) I used the rollerballs. In this case, I can’t help myself but talk about the Lamy Vista Rollerball.

This pen is one of the smoothest pens to write on paper. If you are a beginner user of this pen, it will surely give you a long-lasting good impression. It gives a clean and clear mark on the paper so all you have to worry about is identifying the correct answer of the test items.

Although I did not use this pen in the exams I had taken, I included this pen as one of the best black pens for exams due to my very good experience with it. What I remember was that this pen is easy and comfortable to write. In several years of existence in the market, I am sure that most users of this pen will agree with me.

Cross Tech 3 Multipen

In most cases, the exam takers are not allowed to make extra and unnecessary marks on the test paper. So you need to be 100% sure that every letter or answer you’ve written is correct. But what if you chose the wrong one? Can you erase and change it?

That’s the biggest problem. But don’t worry. I have something for you to solve this possible problem during your exam. The Cross Tech 3 Multipen can be your best writing tool during that critical situation. Unlike other pens, the Cross Tech 3 is multifunctional. You can easily swap its functionality from a ballpoint pen to a pencil. With a simple press, your pen can turn into a pencil. With this, you can use that pencil to write your initial idea and then finalize it later.

There you go. I hope that this simple list of the best black pens for exams gives you an idea of what to buy. Of course, you can find other pens online, but the pens included in this list can be a good start. Good luck with your upcoming exam.

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