Best Fountain Pen Under 150 Dollars

Best Fountain Pen Under 150 Dollars

Best Fountain Pen Under 150 Dollars

Can you find the best fountain pen under 150 dollars?

When talking about the best fountain pen, there are so many determining factors. Price is one. In fact, one of the best fountain pens in the world today has a very high price.

The Aurora Diamante is the sparkling example of this category. It costs more than a million US dollars. This means one thing, the fountain pen of this price is not for everyone.

Are all fountain pens expensive? If you are looking for a fountain pen for your daily use, you may be asking this question too. But the answer is, no. Although fountain pens come in different price ranges, there are quality fountain pens you can have at an affordable price.

The most expensive fountain pens though have the undeniable superior if not the best features. They have the best writing quality, ergonomics, and ink.

But you don’t have to spend millions of dollars just to buy a high-quality fountain pen. There are a couple of hundred-dollar priced fountain pens that have similar features with those super expensive ones.

In this post, we will be sharing with you the best fountain pen under 150 dollars. Well, we are note-taking about one fountain pen here. In fact, we include five best fountain pens that perfectly suit in this category.

What we are trying to say is that you can find your next best fountain pen in an affordable price range in this list. We provide options and important information necessary for choosing a fountain pen. But we live the entire decision process to you.

Here is the list of fountain pens that may be perfect for your budget. Pick your next best fountain pen under 150 dollars.

1. Waterman Expert Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

The first fountain pen we recommend in this category is the Waterman Expert Stainless Steel with Medium Nib. This fountain pen is a combination of affordability, durability, and superior writing performance.

Depending on the writing job, you can freely choose the right size and color. It gives you the freedom to implement your own style and creativity.

It comes with multiple color choices including black, Matte black, black and gold, deep brown, and Deluxe blue. These colors are perfect for signing different types of documents. Any of these colors ensures absolute aesthetic quality.

What we found the best is the black one. This is because black ink is commonly used in many writing tasks especially signing important documents. Although sometimes we use different colors depending on the document we’re working on.

All colors though have equal fineness. They are reliable and deliver excellent writing performance you would want to have with a fountain pen.

In terms of size, we recommend using medium sized-nibs. They perfectly work especially when you’re working with a tight space. Broad tips tend to produce wider lines which cause delays in the ink drying process.

The Waterman Expert Stainless Steel Fountain Pen is one of the most durable writing tools in the market today. Because it is made from stainless steel, you can certainly assure that you can enjoy the great writing experience long enough.

Aside from the ergonomics, this fountain pen also has a superior consistent ink flow. Unlike other fountain pen brands, this fountain pen allows the writer to gain focus on the generation of ideas and not worrying about smudges.

Salient Features:

  • With multiple color variations
  • Multiple nib sizes
  • Super durable and smooth on paper
  • Elegant
  • Does not bleed or smudge
  • With consistent ink flow

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2. Parker Sonnet Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

Our second recommendation as far as choosing the best fountain pen under 150 dollars goes is the Parker Sonnet Fountain Pen. Parker Company produces not only superior ballpoint pens but also fountain pens. And the Sonnet Black Lacquer is one of them.

This fountain pen comes with several colors such as black lacquer with gold trim, silver and black, brown rubber lacquer, and the metal and pearl. These colors add to the flexibility and great features of this fountain pen.

Parker pens boast not only writing quality but also superior ergonomics and beauty. If you are looking for a fountain pen that has a combination of aesthetics, maneuverability, excellent writing performance, and comfortability, you can not ignore parker fountain pens.

Depending on the writing task, this fountain pen gives you several nib sizes to choose from. You can easily switch from medium to fine tip for specific writing demand. For note-taking, we prefer using the fine nibs and a medium tip for document signing.

Besides aesthetic value, what we love the most about this fountain pen is its durability and writing performance. Pen lovers would agree with us when we say that Parker fountain pens are some of the best writing tools.

Most fountain pens are problematic in terms of ink durability and clarity. Usually, fountain pens tend to smudge and create issues in writing. But Parker pens are always the exception. You can assure that the ink will stand against the test of time.

Salient Features:

  • Comes in a variety of available colors
  • With different nib size choices
  • Super durable and reliable
  • With consistent ink flow
  • Elegant
  • Does not smudge or smear
  • User-friendly
  • With great ergonomics

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3. Cross Classic Century Black Lacquer Fountain Pen

Our third pick is the Cross Classic Century Black Lacquer Fountain Pen. This fountain pen also has several color variations. The 10KT gold-filled black lacquer makes this fountain pen unique and special.

In terms of beauty, this fountain stands out from the crowd. But that’s not all. This fountain pen also boasts superior ergonomics that provide a great user experience. The weight and length perfectly complement each other for excellent maneuverability.

Aside from the aesthetic value and external features, the Cross Classic Century is also an excellent writing tool. It is one of a few fountain pens that can be used for regular writing. The ink dries quickly leaving nothing but clear and precise lines on the paper.

In fact, many left-handed writers like this fountain pen not just for document signing but also for note taking and other writing tasks. Because the ink dries quickly within a fraction of a second, left-handed writers could avoid ink distortions or smudges on their writing.

In our opinion, if you are looking for the best fountain pen under 150 dollars, the Cross Classic Century can be one of the best options.

Salient Features:

  • Has superior beauty
  • Excellent writing quality
  • Durable
  • Exceptionally reliable
  • With consistent ink flow
  • Perfect for writing and document signing

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4. Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage 91

Our fourth pick is the Pilot Fountain Pen Custom Heritage. The Pilot company is not only producing great ballpoint pens but also high-quality fountain pens. This brand is known for its superior quality and beauty.

Pilot fountain pens come with several nib sizes and colors you can choose from. The choices are extra-fine, fine, fine-medium, soft-fine, soft-fine medium, and soft medium. The variety of nib sizes available give the writer the freedom to implement personal design and style.

Unlike the previous fountain pen shared above, Pilot fountain pens come at a more affordable price. But affordability does not compromise quality and aesthetic character of this fountain pen.

Pilot fountain pens are created for common pen lovers and users across the globe. If you have a tight budget, this pen can be your best choice.

For years of using this fountain pen, it never failed to deliver excellent writing performance whenever we need it. The whole pen is durable. The ink flow is consistent until the last drop.

Salient Features:

  • With multiple nib sizes
  • Affordable
  • Elegant
  • User-friendly
  • Super reliable
  • Does not smudge
  • Durable
  • With great maneuverability

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5. Waterman Hemisphere Essential Stainless Steel

Our last recommendation is the Waterman Hemisphere Essential Stainless Steel Fountain Pen. What we like about this pen is its excellent ink flow, durability, and surprisingly low price.

The ink just smoothly flows down to the tip until the last drop. It quickly dries thus avoiding the possibility of smudges and smears on the paper. The nib provides a fine and clear writing output.

Waterman fountain pens are one of the most favorite pens among pen lovers. The reason behind is that Waterman does not only focus on the aesthetic character of the writing tool but also on functionality.

Having said that, the Waterman fountain pens come in great ergonomics that give writers excellent writing experience. The modern ink system provides a consistent ink flow and non-smudging writing performance.

Salient Features:

  • Elegant
  • With great ergonomics
  • Perfect for writers with small hands
  • Does not smudge on virtually any type of paper
  • Incredibly smooth to write with
  • With consistent ink flow

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Things to remember when buying a fountain pen

Choosing your next fountain pen can be a tough one if you don’t know the things you need to consider. Although you’ve probably come through the list above, you might not quite sure which of those is the best fountain pen under 150 dollars.

Thus, we decided to include some of the pointers you can base from in making your buying decision. In reality, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a writing tool. Below are the few things needed to consider:

1. Price

For the most part, the price is one of the key things we tend to consider before buying anything. Price may sometimes dictate our purchasing power. It can also the determining factor to choose a great fountain pen or the bad one.

Price comes hand in hand with quality. This is the reason why most expensive pens also have superior quality and aesthetic character. But this is not always the case. There are some pen brands that produce quality fountain pens at an affordable price. Some of those brands are listed above.

In fact, the majority of the fountain pens we included in this list are the combination of affordability and quality. Having a wise decision making allows you to choose the best fountain pen under 150 dollars.

2. Ink quality

In choosing a pen, considering ink quality is, for us, the most crucial. This is because the ink indicates you have a good or a bad pen. We recommend that you try your best to find a fountain pen with consistent ink flow.

The common issues of most fountain pens are inconsistency. The inconsistency of the ink delivery could cause irritation and disturbance in producing ideas. It can also possibly ruin the document you’re writing on.

Next to ink consistency is ink quality. We recommend that you choose a fountain with a fast drying ink. Low-quality ink takes time to dry on paper thus creating more smudges and smears. If you are a left-handed writer, this feature must be your primary concern.

3. Durability

No one wants an unreliable writing tool. You want a fountain pen that lasts for a long period of time. And more importantly, a fountain pen that can stand the test of time and environmental challenges.

Finding a fountain pen that passed this criterion, you need to examine the external as well as the internal components of the pen. There are fountain pens that made to last and those that are brittle and unreliable.

Fountain pens that are made from stainless steel are, in our opinion, the ones that will last long. So try to find one.

4. Great ergonomics

Your pen can be your everyday best friend. This is the reason why you need to buy a fountain pen that is comfortable to write with. Fountain pens that fit with this criterion are those with great ergonomics.

Choose a fountain pen with great external features that give excellent maneuverability. Fountain pens with great ergonomics provide comfort for the writer.

5. Aesthetics

Although this may be less important, having a good looking writing tool though could make your day. Pens can be a symbol of your personality and sophistication. Whenever you can, choose a fountain pen that has a great aesthetic character.

Final words

It is our hope that using the list we shared above you’ll be able to find your best fountain pen under 150 dollars. We also hope that we been able to provide you enough information that somehow guides you in your buying decision process.

For more information, just feel free to have a look around the site. Good luck!