Best Pen for Fashion Illustration

Best Pen for Fashion Illustration

Best Pen for Fashion Illustration

What is the best pen for fashion illustration?

Fashion refers to a distinctive and often habitual trend in style with which a person dresses, as well as to prevailing styles in behavior. The simple word is known as ‘fashion’ simply means clothing. Although, aspects can be feminine or masculine, and some trends are androgynous.”

Creating and expressing our ideas about a colorful, or somehow, meaningful life as it may seem to be shown in various kinds of fashion illustration. People use pens in showing their ideas about fashion. Some examples are writing, drawing, and many more.

Pen plays a vital role in showing or illustrating beautiful and creative ideas about fashion. So the real question is, what are the best pens to use for fashion illustration? Well, for you to appreciate the different styles of fashion, first is that you need to know the right tools for your design. Here, we will introduce the types of pens you may need in your design.


1. Fountain Pen

Fountain Pen is a very well-known type of pen amongst the others. It is the pen that is used in the art of calligraphy writing. Fountain Pen can help your hand be good in every twist and angling so that writings will surely be very beautiful just like in the art of calligraphy. It is used for so many years illustrating fashions and designs. But Fountain Pen is also used for calligraphy writings. This pen is good and ideal according to experts. This type of pen has great flexibility in controlling the ink’s thickness and thinness. And it is also quite expensive.

2. Ballpoint Pen

This is the most common pen and commonly used anywhere. Ballpoint Pen is the pen that we usually use in school, office works, jotting notes, making a list, and every other small stuff that brings and makes up a big thing. Ballpoint pens have a small metal ball in the tip where the ink flows out from the tube. The shades of writings using this pen depend on the pressure you will give while you are using it. This pen is very affordable for various brands.

3. Fiber Tip Pen

The Fiber Tip Pen is also known as the marker. It’s the smaller version. And it has different colors, and like the marker, it only has three colors.  This pen’s shade does not depend on the pressure you give. It has the same shade whatever pressure you apply while writing. The ink of this pen has a very beautiful hue production. Its ink dries very quickly. But it takes a long time to master how to use this type of pen. This pen is maybe one of the best pens to use in drawings. Other forms are making a stencil, and threshold art, that would basically and surely fit on using this type of pen.

 4. Gel Ink Pen

Obviously, this is a pen with gel ink. Gel pen is similar to a ballpoint pen but it has a difference in ink. The ink of the gel pen is literally the colored gel inside its tube.

After knowing some different types of pens. We will show you now the best pens to use for fashion illustration.

1. Faber Castel (Colored Pen)

Based on our own experience, Faber Castell is the art material for us since it has unsurpassed quality in any shade of colors. The price of a Faber Castel is quite much expensive compared to other material but it is worthy.

 2. Staedtler Colored Pen

This Staedtler Colored Pens are fiber and pointed tip pens and have the water-based inks. The tip is 0.3mm so you can give a very detailed line on the narrow section of the art. But it has been a problem if you want to make a bigger art piece and to fill it up would be very difficult. This type of pen is also quite expensive but it is worthy to use. Some use this in writing down notes as it produces really good handwriting. This pen is not used in the art of calligraphy writings, but rather than on drawings and detailed illustrations.

3. TITUS Colored Pens

Titus Colored Pens are Gel Ink Pens. These pens are very popular in creating and making a fine doodle art. It has a smooth and flexible point, so the ink is controlled by the user. This pen is highly recommend based on our own experience if you are not capable to buy the first two pens. TITUS Colored Pen is very affordable. Just by studying and mastering how to use these cheap pens, you can make very beautiful artwork for various designs and illustrations of your own ideas.

4. BiC Colored Pens

Bic Colored pens are ballpoint pens. It also has a good ink life and colors, and it can produce a very good shade just by putting and exerting the right pressure on it. This pen is not expensive making it a popular best pen for fashion illustration.

We hope that you already have a clear what pen to choose for your artwork. As a designer or someone who wants to pursue a passion for designing, picking the right tool is critical. Having said that, we hope that you have somehow figured out the best pens for your project.

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