Best Pen For Signing Documents

What Is The Best Pen For Signing Documents

Best Pen For Signing Documents

As a university instructor, I have a lot of administrative functions. Aside from teaching, I also deal with other students’ demands which sometimes involve the documentation process in the university. In most cases, I sign certain documents that students need for their curricular activities and requirements.

Signing a document is easy. What gives me a problem sometimes is the pen that I’m using. I realized that signing an important document needs a special pen that magnifies the distinctive feature of my signature. Luckily, I found the best pen for signing documents.

If you are reading this article, it means one thing to me – you are looking for the best pen for signing documents too. Fortunately, you are in the right place. In this post, I will share with you not only the pens that I’m using for my signing but also some of the pens that I tried before that could do the same writing performance.

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Before giving you my best pen for signing documents, I would like to introduce to you pens that you might love using. Let’s take a look.

1. Noodler’s Warden’s Series

I put this pen on the number spot simply because this pen bears the character of a writing tool that gives a distinctive character to penmanship. The ink has an advanced mechanism to protect your signature from being copied or fraud.  The Noodler’s Warden’s Series are both water and fraud-resistant. It resists to different forgers’ tools such as the UV light, bleaches, alcohols, and solvents. This pen not only adds beauty to your signature but also gives it protection. The Noodler’s Warden’s Series comes in different color choices –the blue (Bad Blue Heron) and black (Bad Belted Kingfisher and Bad Black Moccasin). But I found to be good in signing documents is the color black. So most of the times I preferred black ink over the blue one. But it depends on you.

2. Pilot Metropolitan

If you are looking for the best pen that gives a distinctive feature to your signature, expensive pens could surely have it. But the problem of using expensive pens is that you would potentially lose it, especially when working with a busy and demanding job. You may forget it anywhere and because it is expensive others may have an interest in it. I am not saying that your co-workers are thieves, but expensive things tend to be lost forever if out of your sight. Why not use a less expensive pen that can do the same job? When it comes to this category, what I love the most is the Pilot Metropolitan.

The Pilot Metropolitan is durable and dependable in any writing job. There are many ink colors that you can choose from. The main choices are Black, Gold, Silver, And Violet. The metal cap and barrel protect this pen from cracking. If you are a person who wants to experiment with different colors for your writing, then this pen is perfect for you.

3. LAMY Safari

In my years of experience in signing documents, I found that not all pens fit in every document. This is because, sometimes, space, where your signature needs to be placed in, is too narrow. This creates a problem because bigger nib-sized pens may not fit in the space. Using these pens may produce a messy signature because it is more likely than not to overlap outside the space provided.

To solve this problem, I searched for the medium nib. And after trying many pens in this category, I found something that you could also consider as your best pen for signing documents – the LAMY Safari. This pen has a medium nib making it easier to operate on narrow spaces. Using this pen in signing eliminates your worries of committing errors especially on important documents.

The LAMY Safari comes in different colors making easier to satisfy your color preference. The available colors are Shiny Black, Charcoal, Yello, Blue, and Vista.

4. Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen

There is basically one thing you need to consider when signing a document, the number of duplicate copies. The thickness of the document affects your pen choice. Signing on a single-page document is entirely different from signing a multi-layered paper in one stroke.

In a one-page document, you don’t have to apply pressure on your pen to write on paper. In this case, fountain pens may do the job well. However, working in multiple duplicate copies in one strike, the pen must be firmly pressed so that the pressure penetrates to the last copy. This is when the fountain pens will not be able to do.

When it comes to multi-layered documents, the Delta Vintage Rollerball Pen is perfect. This pen is designed for a tough writing job.  With the ample amount of pressure needed, this pen does the rest.

Aside from the Delta Rollerball Pen, the Kaweco Classic Sport and the Stipula Bon Voyage Speedball Pen are also some of the best pens to use on thick documents. These pens are all durable and heavy-duty.

I tried these pens before and they never failed me. In fact, I still have these pens on my table today. But I got my most favorite pen to use when signing a document. This is what I want to share with you today. Here it is…

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My Best Pen for Signing Documents

Although I consider this pen the best when signing a document, I sometimes shift to other types of pens depending on the situation I discussed above. But, yes, in most cases, I use the Waterman Carene. And my favorite color is the black one. Of course, you have your favorite color. But black ink is more commonly used in legal and formal documents. Black also indicates professionalism and elegance.

To sum up, choosing the best pen for signing documents may heavily depend on the type of documents you are working with. All pens are great writing tools with innate strengths and weaknesses. It is your job to figure out your best signing tool.

I hope that I make sense here. Also, I hope that this article will help you in finding your pen for signing.

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