Best Pen For Writing On Fabric

Fabric Markers: The Best Pen For Writing On Fabric

Best Pen For Writing On Fabric

If you are accustomed to painting or drawing, the process can be easy for you. Your mind will be able to construct an image and put it on paper. However, working on other materials such as T-shirts, denim, or other fabric materials can be challenging.

Incorporating colors in your art designs is even more difficult than one might think. You need the best pen for writing on fabric. But finding the best permanent fabric markers is another challenge. Not all claimed permanent fabric markers are really permanent. Most of them would fade when washed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of choices you can have online. There are fabric markers that could really deliver the job you want.

If you are just doing it for fun, you can use the ordinary fabric markers. But if you are pretty serious in your artwork, and you want it to last long, then finding the best tools is necessary.

In my case, for instance, I want to keep my art forever that’s why I want it to be permanent. And the key factor to keep every component of it intact is by using the most reliable markers as possible.

So what is the best pen for writing on the fabric you can use for your project? What are the characteristics of the best fabric markers for fabrics? Here are the few things you need to take into consideration.

These characteristics should be present in your best pen for writing on fabric

Fabric markers come in different colors and different nib sizes. Choosing the wrong one may sabotage your art. Most newbie artists commit the same mistake. They formulated the best design but only to find out that the fabric markers they used were just inappropriate. Here are the important reminders you need to consider before choosing your fabric markers.

Retains color

As I mentioned above, not all so-called permanent fabric markers are actually permanent. So choosing the best fabric pens is really a challenge. One of the most important considerations, when you’re working with fabric, is color retention. The ink must not fade. The best way to make sure that you’re making the right decision is to read the description of the product before buying. Do some prior research online or read the buyers’ reviews.

Never fades

The biggest challenge when writing on fabrics is that the colors you use may fade after a wash. The solution is to find permanent fabric markers which inks do not fade. One of the things I normally do is buy fabric markers and test them. Although you can find descriptions and customer reviews online, it is always the best idea to test it yourself.

Does not bleed

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing your fabric artwork ruined by bleeding inks. You should avoid this. The key to preventing this from happening is the use of fabric markers that do not bleed. This is easier to say than actually finding the right tool. Again, the best thing you can do is choose the fabric markers and test them personally. Grab a piece of fabric similar to the one you’re working and use your markers. If they give you the output you want, then proceed. If not, find another one.

Does not contain toxic material

Working on your fabric art is more than thinking about the design. Safety must also be considered especially if you have kids at home. You must be aware that not all fabric markers are safe. Some markers actually contain a toxic chemical that may be harmful to anyone, especially to children. So before buying your marker, make sure that you read the directions and descriptions carefully. If possible, avoid using toxic markers in your project.

These considerations are only a few. Finding the best pen for writing on fabric can be daunting if you know what exactly you’re looking for. Aside from ensuring that the markers do not bleed and fade, you also need to consider other aspects of the marker. The size of the marker may also play an important role. Today, you’ll learn how to pick your best permanent fabric markers. Decide which of the fabric markers below you find best for your fabric art.

1. The 24 Set Permanent Fabric Markers

This set of permanent fabric markers are composed of high-quality pens designed for fabric markings. These pens are known for making marks on fabric. The German fabric dye does a very good job in preserving the beauty of fabric art. Using these pens ensure the quality of your artwork. With high retentive color, your craft will last longer than you think.

These pens allow you to do everything you want to write and draw on the fabric. My brother who runs a T-shirt printing business uses one of these pens. He made a lot of decorated aprons, personalized T-shirts markings and images, etc. Having these pens give you a tremendous amount of flexibility and endless flexibility of creating and improving your craftsmanship.

These pens do not contain toxic chemicals making these pens safe for everyone, especially for children. These pens have several unique features that are helpful for your project. The features include color retention, non-toxic inks, come in different colors to choose from, above all, inexpensive. These features are what make these pens some of the best fabric markers in the market.

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2. Permanent Fabric Markers 20 Pack Premium

These pens have dual-tip markers that allow you to fulfill your creative needs. The number of nib sizes and several colors you can choose from these fabric markers give you the opportunity to implement your style and creativity. You can create virtually any design.

If you want to decorate your placemats, clothes, bags, canvas, and sneakers, these fabric markers will give you flexibility in following whatever design you want. Using these permanent fabric markers you don’t have to worry about the available colors. There’s a countless number of color combinations.

Unlike fabric paints, these fabric markers don’t mess up your artwork. This is because the ink of these markers retains even after many washes. In addition, the ink will not fade even if you soak the fabric in the water. However, these fabric markers may not work well on black cloth. The reason being is that black fabric absorbs the pen colors. Nonetheless, these fabric markers are easy and safe to use because they are non-toxic.

These markers have dual nib sizes that you can choose from. The dual tips allow you to work both on fine and broad lines. You don’t need different types of fabric markers on different line width. Above all, they are safe to work with.

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3. Assorted Colors Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Sharpie fabric markers are one of the best-tested fabric markers. You can even use these markers in the woods. I can attest to the quality performance of these pens because I usually use them on wood slices. Aside from woods, sharpies also do a pretty good job on different types of fabric such as cotton and denim.

Sharpies come in different colors and nib sizes. You can choose the broad brush tips that don’t fade. You can also choose your favorite color from eight different color choices. These colors are known to be reliable. Your art will have its distinctive characteristics that make them stand above their counterparts.  The good thing about sharpies is that they would dry almost instantly making your work faster. To achieve better performance, make sure that the color has already stabilized before you color the next close section.

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4. 12 Pack Dual-Tip Permanent Fabric Markers

If you are looking for the best pen for writing on fabric, the permanent 12 pack dual tip can be your best choice. These fabric pens commonly used for decorations on clothes, shoes, bibs, etc. These pens do not bleed and fade. The colors are vibrant and lasting making your project last long. The characteristics of these fabric pens boast high quality and performance.

These fabric markers are non-toxic. Meaning, these products are safe for your children. Because the inks do not fade and bleed, the beauty and quality of your art are preserved even after several washes.

However, the colors of these fabric markers work well on light-colored fabric. So before choosing a fabric, consider first the color of the surface you want to work on.

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5. Sharpie Rub-A-Dub Laundry Markers

Sharpie rub-a-dub laundry markers are one of the best fabric markers you may consider in your art project. These fabric markers are commonly used for labeling mostly on cotton or other types of fabrics.

The sharpies rub-a-dub are easy and safe to use. The tips are fine and durable so there’s no reason to worry. You can rely on these fabric markers. With different nib sizes, you can choose your best pen for writing on fabric.

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In sum, choosing your best pen for writing on fabric can be challenging. The number of fabric markers you can choose online may give you difficulty in choosing what you really need. Personally, I made a lot of mistakes in buying the fabric markers for my previous artwork. The only way to determine whether or not you’re right in your decision is to personally test your markers.

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