Best Pen For Writing On Wooden Plaques

Best Pen For Writing On Wooden Plaques

Best Pen For Writing On Wooden Plaques

If you are working with wood art especially plaque making, you may find it hard to make markings on wood surfaces. Your design must be clear and permanent. In most cases, finding the best pen for writing on wooden plaques is harder than the creation process.

Working on wood is entirely different from working on a paper. You can use any type of pen on paper. But writing on wood needs a specialized writing tool.

Fortunately, there are types of pens designed for wood writing. In this article, I will share with you probably the best pens for your wood markings.

The sharpies are the pens most woodcarvers are using. These pens are permanently making your design intact and visible while working.

Sharpies are also used for creating colorful decorations in the woods. This what makes sharpies the best alternative to wood-burning tools. And probably the best pen for writing on wooden plaques.

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In making your wooden plaque, there are steps and techniques you need to take into consideration. Here are the techniques you want to consider:

  1. Draw your idea on paper. Creating wooden art is like building a house. Before you begin the construction, you need to make a plan first. You need to sketch your desired design on a paper. You can use a pencil or other writing tool on this.
  2. After markings are positioned using your best pen for writing on wooden plaques, it is time to carve following those lines using either wood burning or an awl. However, if you are working on a softer type of wood, you may use other alternative tools.
  3. After having the design visible, you are now ready to put color on it. You can use different sharpies nib sizes. For narrow areas, a smaller nib size will be perfect. While wider areas need bigger nib size. Your job here is to find out what works best for your design including the colors you want to apply.
  4. Be careful in coloring your design. The colors you are using are permanent. So making a mess can tremendously affect your art. In my case, I love to use a smaller nib size. If mistakes are made, they can be easily resolved.
  5. Lastly, pay attention to small details. Make small details of your design emerge on the overall structure. You can do this by using small nib size sharpies.

However, in some instances, finding motivational ideas for your art can also be challenging. I will share with you some of the sources of ideas you can exploit. Take the following sources:

  1. If you are looking for an inspiration for your wooden plaque design, you may want to consider peeking at stores for tribal items. A tribal store may have it. You will find an intricate design you want for your project. Decide which is for your next piece of art.
  2. The second place you want to consider visiting is your local church. Yes, you read it right. Most churches have decorated stained glasses on their windows which may contain an art pattern.
  3. Lastly, let’s not forget the antique pottery. These things are rich in cultural heritage including art. You can visit shops or your neighborhood to find your inspiration.

Now that you already know how to make your art design for your wooden art, it is time for these tips to put into action. It is worthy to remember though that to make your design stand out, you need to use black sharpies. Then use any color that fits with other parts of your design.

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Creating wooden art requires several materials. Here are the things you need to have:

  1. Papers for your drawing
  2. Sharpie markers with different colors and nib size of your choice

Now that you have all the materials you need, it is time to start the creation process. But before you start, you need to make sure that all your efforts will not be wasted. Here are the tips you may want to consider:

  1. Test your materials. It is important to be certain whether or not everything works well. Before applying the colors, it is a good idea to make sure that your color works on the wood.
  2. If you don’t have any burning tools, you can use a metallic sharpie to draw borders or lines. Sharpies are capable of making the job done.
  3. After finishing your wood art, secure your work. Place it somewhere away from kids or from any potential disturbance.

Alright. You have the best pen for writing on wooden plaques. Create your art now!

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