Best Pen For Zentangle

What Is The Best Pen For Zentangle

Best Pen For Zentangle

If you have a hobby of connecting dots and lines to create something that looks like an image, you probably doing a Zentangle. But unlike other ordinary paper art, a Zentangle is a bit more complicated. This is due to its unique design. Achieving your design in mind probably needs a specialized tool particularly the pen. So, what is the best pen for Zentangle?

But before introducing the best pen, you may need to understand this art form.

What is Zentangle?

A Zentangle is actually a method of connecting dots, curves, and lines to form a figure or image. It is a relaxing and therapeutic experience. In this art, you are free to construct your own art in a way that satisfies your artistic appetite.

While most arts are painted on paper, the tangle is painted on small pieces of water called “tiles”. You can create as many tiles as you can and then assemble them together into a mosaic.

What excites me about this art is its flexibility. As an artist, you don’t have to follow any design. You just strike on paper, draw lines or make many dots and then connect them together.

There will be no deliberate purpose and goal. In fact, you don’t need to know what the outcome will look like. It gives you so much freedom that most other art forms will not allow you.  Your pen will just make it for you. And you’ll be surprised.

Zentangle, as I mentioned above, is not just an art, it is also a form of therapy. Most people enjoy creating tangles and they claimed that such an artistic undertaking boosts their focus, creativity, self-confidence, and happiness.

Because there is no boundary, the Zentangle becomes an avenue for most people. It binds people of different races, languages, political opinions, and religious beliefs. This art form establishes respect and freedom.

Like other art media, the Zentangle method allows an artist or even an ordinary person to connect to his/her experiences. Thus, the outcome can be a reflection of your inner state of mind and emotion.

Although, no supporting evidence yet, people who practice this art method find this art beneficial. Aside from the improvement in focus and wellbeing, it may also (as claimed) improve phobia, pain, burnout, and conflict.

Now that you already know the benefits of the Zentangle, you may wonder what materials you need to be used. Like other artistic work, great output requires great tools. Here are the things you need…

Materials you need for Zentangle

Actually, you can use any paper, pen, or pencil. But you need to remember that great output goes hand in hand with a great tool. If you are just starting to explore Zentangle, it will be perfectly okay to use ordinary tools. But as you get more serious in your craft, you may want a more reliable tool. You need the best pencil or the best pen for Zentangle.

Here are my suggestions as far as the Zentangle method is a concern. See whether these tools are also significant to you.


If you use a pen for this art, you need a pen in which ink does dry quickly. It must be dark enough to make the lines show up clearly. Lastly, the ink must be permanent to protect your work. So, what is the best pen for Zentangle?

Most artists recommend the Sakura Pigma Micron Pen. This pen is perfect because of its salient characteristics that you won’t probably find from other pens.

The Sakura Pigma Pen comes in different nib sizes. You can use 0.25mm and 0.5 mm. These nib sizes are perfect for narrow lines and spaces you may want to appear in your tiles. Above all, these pens are not expensive.

However, if you are a newbie, you can use pencils. This is for an obvious reason – you can easily erase the mistakes you might make along the way.

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Paper stump

Although you can use the erasers, if you want to keep your work clean, you might a paper stump. It will make your work look more professional and presentable.


The best and most commonly used tiles for Zentangles is the Italian made paper called Tiepolo. It comes in many sizes (9×9 cm and 5×5 cm). You can choose either size or a combination of these sizes to create a wonderful mosaic.

In general, you don’t need complicated or expensive materials for your Zentangle. You just need three basic things: black fine liner, pencil, and pieces of your chosen paper sizes.

To sum, creating any form or type of art needs a special type of tools. The better the materials you use, the better the output.

If you are a newbie, don’t worry about the materials you’ll be using. All you need to do is to enjoy the process.

However, like other art forms, the Zentangle Method may take time to practice. But as you learned the basics, everything will get easier.

The beauty of this art is that it will not just divert your mind from your stresses, but also make you happier.

I hope that this simple tip will help you find your best pen for Zentangle art. Good luck!

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  1. I am using Sakura zentangle pen set. I’m impressed with the versatility of Sakura’s Pigma Micron pens as they produce work on almost any paper type. You can consider it.

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