Best Pens for Medical Students

15 Best Pens for Medical Students

Best Pens for Medical Students

What are the best pens for medical students?

Pen plays a big role in our lives especially to those who always need it like a busty secretary who always have to jot down notes for important details that had been talked or discussed about in a meeting, a journalist who always create news, a teacher who constantly do his lesson plan, and students who uses pen for their lectures and exams and treats it as their best friend for many years.

Throughout the years, pen companies become cleverer as they create pens that fit with every profession. There are so many kinds of pens like a ballpoint pen, the most common pen that has been used by many people. Ballpoint pens though can have some problems when it comes to long writing.

But if you are looking for pens for everyday use, a ballpoint is one of the best choices. There are also a gel pen, rollerball pen, marker pen, fountain pen and many more. These types of pens are made for their respective purposes.

Medical students, for instance, have unique requirements for their writing tools. As we noticed medical students or medical professionals have a lot of pens in their own pockets. What are these for? Why they should have all of them? What are the best pens for medical students?

For you to be able to know the most used pen of medical students we are giving the topmost reviewed pen in the field of medicine.

1. Mitsubishi Jetstream

Mitsubishi Jetstream is an oil-based pen that writes smoothly on paper similar to a gel ink pen. It is a good pen especially for left-handed medical students because it does not smudge when glided by the palm when writing.

2. Zebra Clip B4SA1 Clip-On Multifunctional Pen

Zebra Clip B4SA1 is a pen that contains four colors (green, blue, red, black) that keeps the notes and charts organized because you can use different colors in labeling the terms. It also has a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and eraser that can be used in drawing some body parts and stuff.

3. Uni-Ball 207 Retractable Ultra Micro Pen

Uni-Ball 207 Retractable Ultra Micro Pen is a gel pen that has a super ink that protects against water and fading. It also has a rubber grip that helps the user adjust the writing control especially medical students has a lot of important detail to list down. This pen writes smoothly on different types of paper and does not smudge.

4. Pilot Precise V5RT

Pilot Precise V5RT is a retractable rollerball pen with a fine 0.5mm tip. It also has a rubber grip that helps in writing adjustment and metal clip that can be used in a lab gown pocket or be hooked on the notebook cover so that it would not be lost. This pen provides a visible writing and clean lines when being glided on a paper.

5. Zebra F-402

Zebra F-402 is a stainless steel ballpoint retractable pen and has a rubber grip that ensures it does not slip away from the hand easily. The metal clip also clings on to the paper even if you flip it upside down. It is good for writing in small spaces and does not smudge even if you’re left-handed. It also does not blot, cease in writing and never fail unless it’s out of ink.

6. Zebra Sarasa Clip 0.5mm

Zebra Sarasa Clip is a retractable pen that writes smoothly on the paper and does not bleed or blot at all. It is good because it is quick-drying which avoids smudging and has a rubber grip with a velvety feeling. The tip of the pen stays intact and does not break even if you smash it on your notebook.

7. Pilot G2

Pilot G2 is a pen that is a great use for left-handed writers because it does not smudge and the gel ink dries up quickly. It doesn’t require being press down hard because the ink comes out and transfers to the paper easily. It is also the best tool when writing in small spaces and gives a comfortable grip with its rubber.

8. Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen 0.38mm

Muji Gel Ball Point Pen is a pen that has a plastic body and has a needle-like tip. This pen produces thin but dark lines that give you a clear overview of your handwriting when written on a paper. The ink does not smudge and bleed plus it dries out quickly.

9. TUL Retractable Gel Pen 0.7mm

TUL Retractable Gel Pen is a pen with a rubber grip that helps user not to get calloused but instead give comfort when being gripped. The ball of this pen rolls smoothly and dries quick enough not to be smudged.

10. Uni-Ball 307 0.7mm

Uni-Ball 307 0.7mm is a retractable gel pen that has a vivid color and produces consistent line without bleeding. It does not smudge even on glossy paper and dries quickly. You do not have to grip it hard because it writes clearly on paper even when you hold it lightly.

11. Pilot Dr. Grip 4 Colors 0.7mm

Pilot Dr. Grip 4 Colors is a pen that consists of 4 different colors (Black, Red, Blue, Green) in one and has a 0.5mm mechanical pencil. The ink of this pen runs smoothly on paper and it is best when taking notes especially that medical students have a lot to jot down, from different terms and functions. You do not have to search through your pencil case because you can easily pull down a color that you like and change it again easily.

12. Sakura Microperm Pen03 0.35mm

Sakura Microperm Pen 03 0.35mm is an ultra-fine point pen that is waterproof and temperature friendly. It writes smoothly even on different kind of papers without bleeding. This pen does not smear and dries out quickly.

13. Uni Jetstream 4&1 Color 0.7mm

Uni Jetstream 4&1 Color 0.7mm is a ballpoint pen with different colors (Black, Blue, Green, Red) and an additional mechanical pencil. This pen is the best when organizing the title, ideas, terms, and functions that medical students are studying. This helps them to recognize what is important and what is needed to more highlighted and you can use the mechanical pencil in drawing body organs or chemical compositions.

14. Pilot G-6 Retractable Rolling Pen

Pilot G-6 Retractable Rolling Pen is a water-resistant pen with rubber-coated barrel that gives comfort to the user when writing. This pen writes smoothly on paper and has thicker strokes but does not smudge or smear.

15. Uni Power Tank Ball Point Pen 0.7mm

Uni Power Tank Ball Point Pen 0.7mm is a pen with oil-based pigment that writes in a different condition like warm and cold weather. You can also write with it upside down and the ink will constantly come out visibly on the paper. The ink is fast drying so no need to worry about smudges.

Most of the pens mentioned above are retractable pens with rubber grips and clips. Medical students use retractable pens because it is way more convenient than using an ordinary pen and it does not take a lot of time. They can just click the end of the pen and the tip will easily come out unlike any other pen and the fear of losing it is not a problem anymore because it has a clip to cling on to a notebook or lab gown.

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