Does Baking Soda Remove Ink Stains

Does Baking Soda Remove Ink Stains

Does Baking Soda Remove Ink Stains

Does baking soda remove ink stains? This is one of the most asked questions we get from our readers. In this post, we will give an answer and some other tips.

No one will want his/her shirt, skirt, pants to get stained by ink. Ink stains could really ruin not only your outfit but more so your day.

Needless to say that ink stains are annoying and embarrassing. No one wants to wear a stained cloth.

But what if your favorite shirt gets stained, what will you do? Is there anything you can do to fix it?

Ink stains are difficult if not impossible to fix. The ink will stick to the fabric rigidly making it challenging to remove.

However, it is not really difficult to remove an ink stain if you know what to do. In fact, most people have found a simple and easy way. One of those is using baking soda.

You read it right. Baking soda is not only used for cooking but for other purposes. It does a very good job of cleaning tiles too.

Does baking soda remove ink stains?


Baking soda is one if not the simplest way to remove ink stains. What you can do is just mix the baking soda with water to form a paste.

After that, use a cotton ball to dab the paste to the stained part of the cloth. Do it slowly to avoid the ink from spreading through the surrounding areas.

Repeat this simple process until the stain is totally removed. Then, use a paper towel to wipe the area you are working on.

This technique is so simple that it is applicable for anyone who has a baking soda in the kitchen. It is cheap and environment-friendly.

But aside from baking soda, there are other household materials you can use to remove ink stains. Below is the list of those materials you can use to remove the stain in your clothes.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great alternative to baking soda. It is also an effective strategy to remove the stain.

The first thing you can do is to mix the white vinegar with cold water. Then, soak the stained cloth in the solution for a couple of minutes.

Every 10-15 minutes, gently dab the stain with the clean and white cloth but keep the whole cloth soaked in the solution while doing it.

The length of time it takes for the whole process depends on the severity of the stain. But in most cases, a 30-minute soaking can be enough for the stain to totally dissolve.

As soon as the stain clears, you can take the cloth and wash it. Like baking soda, this technique is for everyone. It is cheap and easy to implement.

Aside from water, you can also mix the white vinegar with cornstarch to make a paste. Then, you can apply the paste to the stained area the same way you do with baking soda.

Just take a cotton ball or dry clean cloth to spread the paste to the stained area. Let it rest for a couple of hours to maximize the result.

After this simple process, you can then wash and rinse the cloth. The stain should be gone.


You might not believe it but some people claimed that fresh milk can also remove an ink stain. The way they do it soaks the stained cloth in fresh milk overnight. Then in the morning, the stain normally lifted.

Fresh milk may cause some smell to the cloth though. The solution is to store the milk in the refrigerator. Then in the morning, just wash the cloth and dry it.

How to Remove Ballpoint Pen Ink Stains from the Fabric?

Aside from the materials and techniques shared above, there are basic rules and techniques used to remove ballpoint pen ink stains from the fabric.

Below are the additional tips and tricks on how you can remove ink stains from your cloth.

  • The first thing you need to do is to quickly sponge the stained area. Do not wait until the ink is dry because it will make the whole ink removing process more difficult. This first step should lessen the amount of ink in the cloth. Some fabrics are stain-resistant so they are easier to work with.
  • The second thing you can do is to place a clean cloth under the stained area and spray the surface of the stained area with hairspray. Just make sure that the hairspray only contains an alcohol-based solution and not conditioner or oils. A nail polish remover is also a great substance to use. Apply it like what you do with the baking soda.
  • In case the previous technique did not work, you can try to use the mixture of white vinegar and water or a mixture of water and baking soda. Just soak the stained cloth in the prepared substance then brush it with a toothbrush. You can then wash and rinse the cloth as soon as the stained is lifted.
  • Alcohol-based materials may not always effective in removing ink stain. If that is the case, you can try shaving cream.
  • If none of the techniques mentioned did work, then the ultimate remedy is to use ink solvents or dissolvers. To make things right, always refer to instructions indicated in the product label.

Final Thoughts on Does Baking Soda Remove Ink Stains

Baking soda can remove the ink stains. But other than that, there are other techniques and solutions to inks stains.

It is our hope that this simple guide helps you figure out how to remove ink stains in your cloth.

If you want to learn more tips, feel free to visit our How-To Guide.