How to Keep Pens from Being Stolen

How to Keep Pens from Being Stolen?

How to Keep Pens from Being Stolen

Can you keep your pens from being stolen? Supposed that you have just bought an expensive or your most favorite ballpoint pen. But instead of becoming happy that you actually own a pen like that, you now feel worry that you’ll lose it.

Expensive pens are eye-catching and could easily attract people’s attraction. Not all people do take things that aren’t theirs, but some really do. If you are working in a large working place, it is possible that you are surrounded by “pen takers”.

You have a tragic experience before when you lost your favorite pen. Now, you have the same fear.  So you are wondering how to keep pens from being stolen.

There is no perfect way to do this. This is because you cannot control others’ attraction in your pen. But sure, there are easy ways you can implement to somehow keep your pen from disappearing.

Here at The Ballpoint Pens, we don’t just give information about the pens. We also give tips on how to save your pens. Having said that, we brainstormed to give you a few tips that will hopefully solve your problem.

We hope that after reading the following tips, you will not lose another pen. These techniques worked very well for many of our readers. These must work for you too.

Here are the following techniques you can do:

1.  Make a marking on your pen

There are many things you can do to make markings. One good example is using a sticker. You can buy one or have it customized by a sticker vendor.

But if you have a sticker from a certain product you bought, it is a good one to start.

If using a sticker is not possible, make a small carving on your pen. Well, this may create a few scratches. But it will be worth it.

Using a knife or other sharp tool, make a distinguishable code. People will not argue if they know that the pen has a sign on it.

But whatever it is your mark on the pen, make sure that it is unique. After doing that, tell others about it. This will inform people around you that the sign signifies your property. A pen thief will have a second thought before he/she grabs your pen.

2. Add peacocks’ feather

Although we don’t try it, attaching a peacock feather to your pen can be a good option. This will not only serve as a marking on your pen but also makes it more elegant.

Find a beautiful peacock feather and attach it to your pen using a tape. Just make sure that you do it right to prevent the feather from dislodging.

The only problem with this technique is that the feather will add the pen’s length and weight. It reduces the pens’ maneuverability too.

3. Change it into a red

Most of the luxury pens come in black inks. Black reflects elegance and sophistication. This makes the pens eye-catching

If your pen has refills and cartridges that can be easily replaced, change the refill with the red one. Almost nobody loves red ink. So by doing that, your pen will be safe from the illegal intruders.

 4. Engrave your name on your pen

This strategy is similar to the first one. The only thing that makes this step different is that in this strategy, you can engrave your name on the pen.

This technique, however, requires a skill. If you think you can’t do it, try to find someone who can. The markings must not ruin the beauty of the pen. Instead, it must make it even more elegant-looking.

The problem with this technique though is that it can cause you money if you outsource the engraving. Nonetheless, the money you spent saves your valuable possession.

5. Always carry the pen

If the previous techniques are simply impossible for you, then your best strategy is to carry the pen wherever you go in your workplace. Tuck it in your pocket so that you won’t leave it anywhere. This is the best way to keep pens from being stolen. The best part, it is the easiest and the free one.

For ballpoint pen lovers, there’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that your pen has been stolen. It will not only affect your mood all day long but also distracts your focus.

For most ballpoint pen lovers, it is not the price that makes them feel bad. It is the pleasure that the pen brings to them.

Pens may have special value to every one of us. Your pen can be a gift from a special someone, a birthday present, or a tribute for your excellent achievement and undeniable contribution to a significant undertaking.

Sometimes, the value attached to a pen is more expensive than the price itself. So keeping your pens in your position is a reasonable endeavor.

We hope that the tips on how to keep ballpoint pens from being stolen discussed in this post will help you in saving your writing tools.

Of course, you can find other tips elsewhere. Read other articles or ask someone who already done it before. Gather as much information as you can.

Starting with these techniques can be a good foundation though. Good luck. Let’s save our pens together!