How To Write On Wood Slices

How To Write On Wood Slices

How To Write On Wood Slices

Wood is a wonderful piece of décor. It can be used for different art forms. But working on it can be more challenging than you think especially when you try to write on it. This is the reason why many people wonder how to write on wood slices.

There are many blogs and websites online you can get your ideas from. Pinterest, for example, offers thousands of ideas. However, I want to share my ideas and tips for using wood slices.

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Since young, I love woodwork. I carve and decorated wood slices. It is always a fun experience. But being a busy person, I am not able to do it as I used to. The university work that I have sometimes suppressed me from pursuing one of my passions.

Nonetheless, I gained a lot of experience that may be helpful to you. The things that I want to share with you today are based on my personal experience. My only hope is that these tips will help you in your wood art pursuit.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the techniques.

Here’s how to write on wood slices

1. Make sure that the wood is smooth enough

As I have said, working with woods can be challenging. One of the difficulties is when you’re working on the rough wood surface. It is hard to write on rough surfaces. The solution is obviously to make the surface flat.

There are many ways you can do to make the wood surface writable. The quickest way to do it is by using sandpaper. This is a laborious and time-consuming process though. You need a sufficient amount of time to finish it. The type of wood also affects the amount of time you need for your project.  But it’s worth it.

The best alternative to sandpaper is the Ryobi Corner Cat sander. This is an electric tool that solves most of my problems. It reduces the amount of time necessary to complete my project.

On smaller pieces of wood, I usually use the paper sand to flatten the wood slice. But when working on hard and large pieces of woods, I often use the electric sander.

2. Make sure it can stand on its own

One of the challenges you may be facing is deciding the right angle for your wood slice. The solution to this is finding the widest part of the wood slice and make it the base. It ensures balance making your art able to stand on its own.

Once you found the base, it’s time to decide which side would you like to write on. Make sure that your writing is visible and clear. Remember that art is ought to be consumed by the eyes of the observer.

3. Make sure the wood does not split

Another problem of working on wood slices is that it tends to crack. Although it does not happen to all wood varieties, most of the woods break along the way. When exposed to the heat of the sun, most woods could actually break and split up.

The solution to this problem is to apply a wood preservative. This chemical will treat the wood and prevent it from splitting. The wood will dry without having some cracks. Once safety is ensured, you can now proceed. This is how to write on wood slices.

4. Design your art

Wood art can be flexible. You can design and achieve everything you want. The limit is literally your imagination. The design can be for males and females. Although most of my works were masculine, I made some feminine designs too.

There are many ways you can do to write on your wood piece. Letters can be easily written using a stencil. This ensures accuracy and neatness.

There’s a lot of decorations you can incorporate into your wood slice. Your creativity is clearly the limit.

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5. Find your motivation

An artist needs inspiration. Fortunately, there are available resources you can find online. Pinterest is one of the sites that is full of decorative designs for your wood slices.

Another thing you can do is visit your nearby woodcraft store. I am sure the designs you might discover will inspire you to create an even more magnificent piece of art.

Creating beautiful pieces of art will not only a business but also inspiring others. This could be the best hobby ever.

I hope that this piece of content could help you with your upcoming projects. Similarly, I hope that I answered your question “How to write on wood slices?” Good luck!

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