Pen Brands In Singapore

Pen Brands In Singapore And Their History

Pen Brands In Singapore

What are the pen brands in Singapore?

If you are in Singapore for a business trip, or for a job, you may need a pen for your daily activities. And so, you might be wondering whether you can buy your favorite pen.

Not all pens are distributed or available across countries around the world. In this post, we will share with the available pen brands in Singapore and a little glimpse of their history.  Let’s take a look.

Swarovski pen

Swarovski Pen is one of the pens in Singapore that is made in Austria. Its design creates high-quality crystal products including pieces of jewelry, small figurines, and home décor. Swarovski Pen was founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895.

Swarovski pen is the result of Daniel’s unique imaginations about the fashion industry that gives significance to the jewelry market. Deals, Hello Kitty, Swarovski elements, refill, ballpoint pen, crystalline lady, lady ballpoint, stylus pen, qoo 10, crystalline stardust, crystal ballpoint, crystalline ballpoint, eBay, stylus ballpoint, Swarovski crystalline, and butterfly are some of the pens offered by Swarovski brand.

These pens offer a unique luxurious style and color.

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Pilot Pen

Pilot Pen first arrived in Singapore in 1926. Pilot pen (S) Pte Ltd (PPS) is a subsidiary company of Pilot Corporate of Japan that was set up in 1985. Pilot pen (PPS) established itself as a leading brand of the disposable writing instrument in Singapore.

From its establishment, Pilot has been dedicated and meticulous in providing the demands of the consumers. Through technological advancement and discoveries, Pilot continues to strive and improve the quality of their products not only the well-known brand for writing such as ballpoint pens, gel pens, liquid ink pens, and mechanical pencils but also offers world-class writing equipment such as whiteboards, chalkless boards, and its top-of-the-line fountain pens.

Pilot remains the oldest and largest manufacturer of writing instruments in the industry.

The Pilot Pen includes their pen-style such as Pilot Metropolitan, Pilot vanishing, nib, Vanishing point, Hero, Frixion, Falcon, Maki e, Pilot gel, Pilot Urushi, and Gel ink.

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St Dupont

One of the products of S.T Dupont is luxurious pens. St Dupont is offering its service for 145 years. Simon Tissot- Dupont is the founder of this company. The company symbolizes strength, adventure, and imagination.

The pen collection of S.T Dupont offers divided into three versions. These are Premium, Prestige, and Diamond. The Premium collection fountain pen is basically a ball pen with lighter.

The second fountain pen of S.T Dupont is the Prestige collection. It is also a pen with a lighter and a watch. It is a wooden fountain pen that wrapped with leather.

The last one is the Diamond fountain pen collection. This collection is composed of the fountain pen and lighter that has a decoration of diamonds on the pen.

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Parker Pen

George Parker had one simple goal in life. It was to make a better quality pen. George Parker is the one who empowered the Parker Pen Company. Because of his simple ambition, he made through it to one of the most well-known fountain pen manufacturers.

One of the advantages of this brand is its ability to reduce the leakage of fountain pen compare to the early fountain pens. The goal of the company is to lead the industry with high quality and performance pens.

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Faber Castell

Faber-Castell belongs to one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers who produce quality products for writing, drawing, and creative design.  Faber-Castle is used for art and graphics range which are enjoyed by artists and hobby painters.

The innovation of Faber Castell was passed generation by generation. First, it was Kaspar Faber who worked first as a local trader but in his spare time, he produced pencils on his own.

Later on, he became successful in that he was able to set up his own business. That was the beginning of the business bloom into a company widely known in the world.

After the death of Kaspar, his son Anton took over the business and acquired a plot of land on the edge of Stein with a workshop that in few years, he had been built up into a flourishing factory.

The site remains the headquarters of A.W. Faber Castell.  At the age of Fifty-one, Anton handed it to his son Georg Leonhard that was documented as a pencil factory and the company that still remains his initials.

Georg Leonhard continues the operation of the company even in difficult times weather politically and economically. This generation, the company faces a lot of problems in producing pens also he was unable to compete with the rare English pencils made from finest Cumberland graphite.

Georg realized that foreign experience was decisive for the future of his company. He sent his sons Lothar and Johann in London and Paris. Afterward, Lothar developed the ideas to raise the factory in Stein to the ranks of an international company.

Lothar Faber’s ambition of “to rise to the highest position by making the best that can be made anywhere in the world” that made the modernized production plant.

Until the present time, Faber Castell still produces its finest in producing the quality brand of the pen for arts and graphics that its old age in the industry still lives in every mark and writing of its pen produces.

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Lamy Pen is a writing instrument that comes up in interesting colors and shades. It offers a fountain pen that creates uniqueness in writing. This company believes that the only unique thing in humanity is that his handwriting is different.

It offers different style of fountain pen such as Lamy Aion, Imporium, Dialog, Lamy 2000, Lamy Accent, Lamy Studio, Lamy Cp1, Lamy Scala, Lamy St, Lamy Logo, Lamy Lx, Lamy AL-star, Lamy Vista, Lamy Safari, Lamy Joy, Lamy nexx-M, Lamy Nexx, and Lamy ABC.

Lamy pens are produced in Europe by Jose Lamy who was the representative for the Parker Pen Company in Germany. The business was founded in 1930 by purchasing the Orthos Pen Manufacturer. Jose Lamy was a pioneer who used molded synthetic plastic to make his product.

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Muji Pen       

Muji Pen is a fountain pen available in Singapore. Muji is a Japanese store. It has two models, the pocket and full-length model. The Muji’s design is a pen looks almost a zen-like in its appearance and the entire pen has textured a silver furnish that gives the pen a luxurious style.

However, it is comfortable to hold in hands. The length of Muji fountain pen is made up of metal but is still relatively lightweight and it’s lighter than Pilot Metropolitan.

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Fetherhalther-Fabrik Koch, Weber & Compagnie short for KaWeCo, a company that manufactured Kaweko pens since 1883 until now. This company Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik started at the backyard of the carpenter’s shop at Heidelberg.

At first, they didn’t produce pens but only wooden penholders at the turnery machine and they import nibs from England. The founder of this Pen company is Luce and Esslen that is personally visit their clients to sell the product of the company and later on it was successful because it boomed to the people.

In 1899, Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber; these salesmen took over the company. In the 1920s, Kaweco experienced crisis and bankruptcy but eventually was able to recover.

The Kaweco Company is making many pens that include Perkeo, Sport, Elegance, Liliput, Al Special, Elite, Student, Dia 2, Sketch Up and pen accessories.

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Robert Cross was the founder of the Cross products which include the Cross Pen. It is generally sold in the mid-range market rather than to the extreme luxury end. Nowadays most cross pens are made in China in addition to some customized cross pens for presidents and politicians are done in New England. These pens are known for their excellent writing performance and user experience.

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This brand was easily recognized by its snow peak logo. It was named after the snow-capped peak of the Alps which means the White Mountain. It is a highly cost brand because of its elegant and classy design.

Montblanc Pen symbolizes elegance and fine workmanship. It is somehow, famously known as the symbol for the “art of writing”.  This brand is producing a fine writing instrument that produced from ballpoint pens, rollerballs up to their inimitable limited edition pens for more than one hundred years. The pens have impeccable quality and craftsmanship as writing instruments.

Montblanc started as a pen maker and now they offer pieces of jewelry, watches, fragrances, leather goods and accessories. Montblanc still holds its status as a luxury brand and as a well-sought brand especially in Singapore because of many Singaporean collectors.

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Pens are just pens regardless of the brand. They are the result of human innovation in modern days. Pens are somehow key to success but it depends upon one’s determination to achieve the end.

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