Pen For Fast Writing

Is There A Pen For Fast Writing?

Pen For Fast Writing

If we will observe our world in the present time, we could notice that most of the people are rushing, and most likely they are doing things in a fast manner, because they value time as if every day is their last day on earth, they think that they must do their task in accordance with what their ideas and plan looks like.

Some of them are engaged in the corporate world, but most of them are in the field of study, which they are the students. Like soldiers, they need the best formula to win the battle of their chosen career.

However, students have what they call a gun, a gun that spits ink, do you know what it is? Yes, it is a pen, this is one of the starter pack when someone is going to study or work with the involvement of writing, and just like other task and activities in our daily life, we want it to be done quickly, because as mentioned earlier people value time so much, but in order for you to write hurriedly you must use a pen that writes quickly.

On the other hand, the question is; is there a pen that writes fast? Of course, the answer is nothing, because there is no pen that writes quickly unless you are Harry Poter so that you can utter a magic spell to the pen for it to write quickly by itself. In reality, you need is a pen that has a good feature and characteristics, so that it will fit in your hands in order for you to write quick but neat.

What should be the characteristic of a pen for fast writing?

the smoother the ball the faster it writes – for you to write fast, you need to make sure that you are using a rollerball pen or fountain pen instead of gel pen or ballpoint pen; for the reason it has a softball, because the softer the ball the less friction it creates, remember that friction is the main cause for the object to slow down or stop, so when you are using a rollerball pen or fountain pen your writing will be easy and fast because of the less friction it creates.

Fine tip – fine tip pens do not just allow you to write fast, they also give more details of your writings, how and why? Because the thinner the tip of a pen the lesser the downward pressure you need to execute, in this feature, since it has the thin tip, it would also bring more details to your writings.

less Gripping Effort – Pen with the wide case is more easy and fast to use while writing because it does not allow you to use extra effort on handling it, unlike a small and tiny case of other pens. To make it precise, pens with wide case need only less gripping effort, allowing you to give more effort on writing because they are easy to grip and they do not let your finger to squeeze on a pen with small case which makes you exert more effort, not only on holding the pen but also in writing.

Although ballpoint pens are cheapest and easy to use, for it doesn’t make a lot of smudge on your paper, we could still notice that it is not a good pen for fast writing, which means, it failed the aspect of speed; for it produced a lot of friction that triggers slowness in writing. On the other hand, the gel pen and rollerball pen are good choices, but we are looking for the best pen in fast writing, which certainly, the answer is no other than the fountain pen.

However, the tendency of smudging on the fountain pen is abundant because fountain pens ink is water-based while the ballpoint pen ink is oil-based. Water-based inks do not easily dry unlike oil-based inks, so when you accidentally drag, your finger or hand on paper right after you write a using a fountain pen; it will be the reason for it to produce smudge, that is why you need to avoid touching it and wait a few moments to prevent smudging, but most of the time since you want to write fast, you might forget about it inks characteristic and most likely you are able to touch it, even if it is not dry, by accident, so now here are the techniques to avoid smudging.

How to avoid smudging when writing using a fountain pen?

Find your match – because when you are using a pen which is too big or too small in your hand, you may feel discomfort, which is the reason on; why you need to find a fountain pen that will fit in your hand so that you will become comfortable on handling and writing using it.

Hand the pen properly – ones you remove the cap of the fountain pen, it is highly suggested; placing it on the end of the pen so that the balance of the fountain pen (its weight) will be maintained. However, if you don’t feel comfortable doing it, you may not do it.

Find the sweet spot – yes, you heard it right, fountain pens have a sweet spot – when using fountain pen, it must be held on the angle of 40 degree to 55 degree so that the flow of the ink will be smooth, if you fail to follow the correct angle of writing using the fountain pen, there will be a tendency that your writings will become scratchy, for it will create a lot of smudges. The best technique to hold this pen is, you must use index and thumb fingers, and the case of the pen is simply lying on your middle finger, while your pinky and ring fingers are lying down on the paper, to support the pen while writing.

Keep your hand elevate – on keeping it elevate you have to use your forearm and not the hand, in this way, your hand will feel less discomfort when using a forearm, also this kind of position of the pen will maintain the right angle where the sweet spot of the fountain pen is.

Just relax – when you are using a ballpoint pen, you are most likely pushing it on the surface of the paper, well that is not necessary on writing using the fountain pen, because the ink is ready to flow, provided that you are following the right angle of proper handling the fountain pen which is 40 degree to 55 degree.

However it is not only the pen that matters during writing, but it is also your techniques, and styles of inscription for you to be fast in doing it. There are different ways for you to write fast, of course with the help of your chosen and match fountain pen, and these are the following:

Use short sentences and simple words – when you are just listing or taking notes about your lectures that your professor teach you, you can use simple words and avoid flowery words or phrases, the important thing is you understand the lesson and you understand your notes, as much as possible use symbols so that you can write fast while the discussion proper is ongoing, using this technique you will be able to save time on writing, so that you can focus on the lesson.

Minimize your letters – it is highly suggested to minimized the letters of your writings because maximized letters require time on doing it, it is more detailed than writing using maximized letters, and not just that, maximized letters use a lot of inks which the minimized do not need because the letters are small.

Lower the pressure – in writing fast, it is a must for you to lower the pressure between the surface of the paper and the pen that you use, so that your finger will not grip the pen very tight, for it creates a high friction that will make you slow in writing, and since you are using fountain pen, there is a greater tendency that you cannot follow the correct handling of your fountain pen; which is a degree between 40 to 55.

Focus – in everything that you do, focusing is the most needed and important part. In writing, it simply means that you need to focus on the main statement of the context or topic that your professor talks about. Write down the important details and make sure that they are precise and concise.

Since you already know the proper handling of the fountain pen, so that you cannot commit smudging; making your writings and notes clean and neat, in accordance to what are the techniques in fast writing. Now, it is the time for you to apply your learning’s, on what you are doing, in your chosen career, and to your everyday living, because knowledge is gathered and absorb for you to use it and not merely to stock it.

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