Spy Pen Video Camera with Ballpoint Pen and Microphone

Spy Pen Video Camera with Ballpoint Pen and Microphone

Spy Pen Video Camera with Ballpoint Pen and Microphone

If you are working in secret service, or a researcher who gathers data through an interview, or someone who wants to capture what is happening in your surroundings, you probably need a camera that records both the video and sound. But most of the cameras are big and bulky to carry. You may want a pen-sized video camera that is easy and light to carry. In secret service, you need a recording device that does not look like a recording device. A spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone is what you need.

There are many spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone in the market today. In this list, we will share with you some of the best spy pen video cameras you can use for your work or project.

Because testing these spy pen video cameras is time-consuming and expensive, we solely rely on the review given by the actual customers. We hope that this review will guide you to choose the best spy camera.

FabQuality Gadgets 1080p HD Hidden Camera Pen Bundle

This spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone is simply a plug and play gadget. It is user-friendly, easy and comfortable to use. You can automatically record your footage and view it on the computer later by connecting to a computer through a USB cable.

This spy pen camera satisfied the highest manufacturing standards which make this pen a superior recording device. In fact, this camera is better than any regular camera on the market. It is capable of achieving the highest resolution of 1280 x 1080p. This feature allows you to capture the scene clearly and flawlessly. In just one click, you will be able to commence recording or turning it off. This tiny camera could run on autopilot. You can set it on non-stop recording mode or on motion detection video recording mode. The first one allows you to capture the images continuously while the latter allows you to select salient movement to record.

If you are a non-techy person, this camera works perfectly well for you. This is because there’s no technical expertise needed to run this gadget. It is just a plug and plays a recording device. It is compatible with different computer operating systems.

Upon purchase, you will be given a kit that contains a 16GB micro SD card. The card is important because this spy pen camera will not work without it. This pen also comes with eight ink cartridges. Undoubtedly, this spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone is one of the best recording and writing devices on the market.

Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera

Our second pick of the superior spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone is the Spy Pen Surveillance Hidden Camera. With one click, this hidden camera allows you to record video in FHD 1920 x 1080 or take clear pictures in 2560 x 1440 without getting noticed. The motion detection and loop recording features allow you to capture that memorable moment without missing them. You do the “click” and this pen will do the rest.

This spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone comes with a built-in rechargeable battery in 260mAh capacity that gives life to the camera up to 75 minutes. You can simply plug and play this camera and you’re good to go. Using USB 2.0, you will be able to review your recordings. No technical expertise needed to exploit the power of this spy pen.

This device could easily be switched from position one to position two. The first position allows you to capture images. While the second position allows you to capture clear video. This pen operates using simple mechanisms that prevent any hassle on the part of the user.

That’s not all. Don’t forget that this spy camera is also a pen. This means that the moment you are holding this pen, you have a powerful video recording device as well as a superior writing tool.

Spy Pen Hidden Camera Meeting Video Recorder

Our third pick is the HD 1080P Mini Portable DVR Cam. This is a superior recording device designed for recording meetings and other secretive monitoring. This hidden spy camera pen is one of the most straightforward and easy to use recording devices on the market today.

The pen comes in one control. Using one button, you can easily switch from video to image capturing. With one click, you can commence the recording at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

This spy pen camera is user-friendly. No technical knowledge required to operate this powerful recording device. After the recording, you simply plug it into your computer and start reviewing your videos. The actual date of recording will simply display in the corner of your footage. This is necessary for legal documentation.

Aside from the guaranteed video and photo quality, this pen is easy to carry and set up. You can just tuck the pen using its clip in your pocket or suits. With this “concealed” recording device, you will be able to get the job done without getting noticed.

KIMUVIN Spy Pen Camera

Having a tiny camera attached to a pen gives you so much freedom to record every circumstance you want to capture without getting suspected. The Kimuvin Spy Pen Camera fits in this category. Its tiny camera is just perfect for covert recording.

The tiny camera allows you to capture big events. It records videos in HD quality at 1920 x 1080P resolution. It can record 60 minutes of footage in AVI format with clear video and images. All of these in a click of a button. You can easily start and stop the recording.

One thing to remember though. If the SD card is full, you need to save it before using the camera again. This is because the new images or videos will overwrite the older ones. This means that the older videos will be automatically replaced with the new ones.

This spy pen video camera comes in 32GB memory installed enough to store quality images and videos. After recording, you can just plug the pen into your computer using a USB and start reviewing the footage.

1080P HD Spy Pen Camera Mini Video Recorder with Photo Taking Function

This spy pen video camera with a ballpoint pen and microphone is considered to be the “all in one hidden camera”. The reason is that this pen allows you to capture high-quality videos up to 1080P in different formats such as AVI, Picture, and JPG.

The memory size can be easily upgraded. The pen comes with the 16GB memory card enough to record up to three hours of videos. But you can easily change it up to 32GB. The battery lifespan could last up to sixty minutes of non-stop video recording.

You should not forget that this spy pen is more than just a powerful recording device. It is also a great writing tool. It gives you two functionalities; recording and writing. It is amazing how a tiny lens captures high-quality audio and video.

Hidden Camera Pen, with Night Vision

The best feature of this pen is its ability to work at night. Equipped with the PORTOCAM NT21 that allows you to capture footage at night. It works even in total darkness and produces a visible black and white images.

Because this spy pen is a real pen, you can record the whole situation without being noticed. It’s a portable video and image recorder with 1080P HD. This pen has the longest life capacity produced by its built-in 400mAh battery. It lasts up to 180 minutes in a daytime recording and 90 minutes in night time recording. Longer battery life compared to other pen cameras making it one of the best spy pen video cameras with ballpoint pen and microphone on the market.

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