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Best Pen For Long Writing: Best Picks

Best Pen For Long Writing

What is the best pen for long writing?

Writing has been almost a part of our every day in the reality we are stepping. In fact, when our consciousness in the world starts, we are tasked to acquire it, especially at school. If we dug deeper and trace the history of writing, there is an inexorable relevance of its existence, in fact 80% of our history was lost because primitive man wasn’t able to write what they are doing million years ago, they are not able to express what they had through writing, and historians in today’s time rely much on artifacts they found in formulating the root of our civilization.

But between 3400 and 3300 BC, writing takes place and it paves a way for the primitive man to communicate in modern man. Our existence wasn’t present millions of years ago, but we had an opportunity to take a glimpse of the past. We are able to imagine what do they look like and how do they live. It somehow lessens the blur in the picture we are seeking because we discover an enormous amount of stuff and knowledge regarding the root of our civilization.

During the early times, the repercussion made by technology isn’t huge enough due to a lack of resources and a lack of ideas that change the present. The inability to save documents like what the modern man is doing cannot be done by the man in the past because of the absence of typewriters and laptops, instead, pluma is being used. This is clearly not convenient compare to now because to write something, you have to dip the pen and write on the paper then wait for it to dry. But then, due to man’s brilliant mind. A pen capable of bringing convenience came into existence and now it is used almost everywhere.

As a Journalist, editor, writer, and student who is in compliance with long writing, and it feels great to write continuously as you compose your content and as you express your ideas to whomever or whatever it is nonstop.
In composing stuff that is in need of long writing, the vast amount of time and effort is required and in order to fulfill that. You are in need of rhythm you need to enjoy the time. To write something where you will be unaware that you are escaping from the reality you are living where time and space didn’t matter anymore. That’s where the art of concentration takes place.

Your mind, hand and together with your pen works like an instrument. Creating a perfect manifestation of ideas you want to express. Therefore, in writing, there is an underlying need to concentrate and a need for a good pen. It seems annoying to have a poor pen, right?

You are in the midst of long writing then suddenly it malfunctions. You will surely experience a sense of anger and may cause internal distress because the stream of ideas in your head may be lost and you may not able to recall it. Why does this happen? Maybe because not all pen is capable of long writing.

Long writing is a kind of writing where the author or the writer can’t finish the specific document in one sitting. It takes a lot of time, attention and focus. It can also be harder than short documents for this one is usually composed of 1500 words and more.

Long writing can also be articles and writings we continue to write every single day of our lives an example of this is diary or journals. Words are carefully chosen and put together to be able to write alluring documents. More examples of these documents are novel, book and many more.

The essence of ball pen in the present can be sought in the numbers of the amount of impact it made on literacy and education. Since it is known for being portable compared to typewriting and laptops, people are able to carry them anytime and anywhere and it easily fulfills the need of someone who wants to retain ideas through writing something in their notes or if they need to sign something.

Despite technological innovations, there is still a huge advantage in staying classic in terms of writing. Here is the list of advantages in using a pen instead of modern technology in writing:


Obviously, there is an increasing awareness of the health risk caused by radiation when you are exposed to gadgets for a long time. Laptops, cellphones, tablets, and personal computers are the usual tools used in long writing. Since long writing consumes a lot of time and due to the fact that using these kinds of stuff puts your health at risk. It could harm your eyes and detriment the eyesight. It is clearly evident that using a ball pen is way safer than using computers.


An example of a situation that proves it is handy is when you are in the middle of something important then something pops up into your mind. You can’t let go of it because it contributes a significant role in what you are writing. Carrying a pen allows you to capture the ideas as they emerge. You are able to retain that idea until the time you need it.

The brain is more active in handwriting

According to studies, the brain can easily and clearly retain ideas that are handwritten. It is because it gets you rid of the possible distraction of the digital world and paves a way for you to think clearly. Because of these, there is a tendency that you can write all along and ideas will easily flow as you translate those thoughts into words.


It may sound odd but it exercises some part of your arms muscles. Compare in typing where only your fingers move. In writing, the movement is extended into your wrist and it moves different angles in a span of time.
But what is the best pen for long writing? There are many pens to choose from.

The answer to this question may depend on one’s needs and writing tasks at hand. Different people need different types of pens. Nonetheless, we will share with you some of the best pens usually used in long writing. These pens provide excellent writing performance and comfort. Read more and find your own best pen for long writing.

Uni-ball Jetstream

If you are left-handed and want a pen that dries quickly to avoid smudges, this one is for you! Uni-ball Jetstream is a ballpoint pen, but it doesn’t clump up as frequently as other ballpoints. It comes in three colors and is available in several different sizes — from 1 mm down to 0.38-millimeter tips. This pen is not just about appearance, it feels good in the hand, dries quickly, and best of all, it’s affordable! However, if you’re not fond of ballpoints don’t lose hope we have more pen suggestions you can try.

Pentel’s BK90A R.S.V.P

If you want a pen that lasts for a long period of time, this may be your soulmate! Pentel’s BK90A R.S.V.P. is a long-lasting ink, saying, “it easily outlasted our longevity test.” What’s good in these pens is that it has a nice grip to help prevent hand cramps during those long writing sessions. It writes smoothly and comes with a different color you can explore. Although over time, it’ll show some bite marks. This one is probably good for students who write lectures and long essays. You can use it your entire college life without having to refill it!

Pilot Ball Frixion

This one is probably the blessing to those who want to achieve perfection with their writing. The Pilot BallFrixion is like a pencil with an eraser who will save a lot of butts of perfectionist people. Erasing it will feel like erasing using a pencil, and they won’t shred your paper, either. Frixion pens are also retractable and offer a rubberized grip for extra comfort but it’s not that friendly with highlighters and it is advised to not erase it if you already highlight it. It also doesn’t work well with lefties and those people whose hands easily sweat.

Fisher Space Pen

Are you a traveler? Loves the sea or always near the sea? You will definitely love this Fisher Space Pen the zero-gravity pen. It was designed to work pretty much anywhere on practically any surface — in zero gravity, at any angle, even underwater or upside-down. This same pen was taken to the moon in 1969. If you want a pen you can pass from generation to generation you need to get this one! It is reliable and can work for years. It is a little costly yes but this is a pen for those who write the diary, it can be your company for years!

The Pilot Razor Point II

If you want to write small, this pen delivers even writing with long-lasting performance. But it is a little smudgy especially for those whose hand sweats. But it is good for long writing for it can easily write with minimal pressure which is an advantage for long writing because your hand will avoid cramps and will help you write for a longer time.
We hope that after reading this simple list, you already found the best pen for long writing. There is no better way of assessing whether it suits your needs and standard than actually trying it. So click the link on each pen brand and shop on Amazon!

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