What Are The Best Fountain Pen Brands

What Are The Best Fountain Pen Brands?

What Are The Best Fountain Pen Brands

If you are a person who always carries a fountain pen to work or a person who wants to buy one, you may be asking, what are the best fountain pen brands you should end up buying.

There are different fountain pens in the market today. But not every one of them would give you the quality of writing you always want to achieve.

Although fountain pens may all look the same, their performance does not. Some will satisfy your need while others might frustrate you at some point.

However, fountain pens displayed both reliability and durability for the past decades. Today, fountain pens often reflect one’s social status.

So what are the best fountain pen brands in the market worthy of considering?

The truth is, the answer to this question depends on your needs. Do you use your fountain pen for signing important documents? Or, will you use it for ordinary signing transaction? These questions both determine the type of fountain pens you should consider.

In this article, we will share with you the best fountain pen brands you want to consider for your daily use. Learn their salient features and see if some of these pens suit your writing needs.

1. Mont Blanc

If you are looking for fine and high-quality penmanship, then you probably want to try this fountain pen. Mont Blanc is among of the highest quality fountain pens resulting in high user demands.

When it comes to design, unique quality, and user satisfaction, the Mont Blanc fountain pen is one of the tops on these categories. This is the reason why big names in Hollywood endorsed this brand like Hugh Jackman.

The quality and durability of Mont Blanc are incredibly amazing. For more than a century, Mont Blanc never failed to deliver its best writing performance this fountain pen was designed to deliver.

If you want a fountain pen that symbolizes elegance, quality, and superiority, the Mont Blanc can be the best for you.

2. Parker

Parker fountain pens are American made writing tool. This fountain pen is tested for more than a century now. And since then, this fountain pen never ceased giving reliable and commendable writing performance.

Parker has been in the market since 1888. This brand is well-known for both luxury and affordability making it one of the best fountain pens in the world.

Millions of people choose this pen as their favorite writing tool to carry every day. The reason being is the undeniable craftsmanship, reliability, and affordability. Thus, the benefits you get are greater than the price you spent.

 3. Cross

The Cross fountain pens are made in the US. This fountain pen symbolizes beauty and elegance. No wonder why people from different walks of life love this fountain pen.

The quality and beauty of this pen are tested for more than a century now. The brand reflects how A.T. Cross Company crafted its products. For years, the company has been producing iconic pens that suit everybody’s use.

Because of its incredible performance and elegance, the A.T. Cross Company supplied its pens to the White House. In fact, many US presidents like Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan had used the Cross fountain pen.

4. Pelikan

Throughout the years, the Pelikan fountain pens had experienced dramatic challenges. It is a German pen company founded in 1832. Despite the ups and downs of the company, still, it produced some of the iconic fountain pen models including the Future, Cartridge Fountain Pen, and the Pelikano.

The company designs pens for different writing purposes. There are pens for students, professionals, collectors, etc. The pens also come in different colors that suit the users’ needs.

5. Sheaffer

If you are looking for luxury fountain pens, the Sheaffer offers exactly what you want. Sheaffer pens are known around the world for their affordability and elegance.

The Sheaffer produced different models you can choose from. It includes the Valor, Legacy, Intensity, Prelude, Taranis and Sagaris.

6. Waterman

The brand was named after its founder Lewis Waterman in 1884. Since then, the company produced one of the best fountain pens in the world. This company is the first to produce high-quality pens.

Because of the fountain pens’ quality performance, the brand was awarded a Gold Medal of Excellence in 1900. Undoubtedly, the Waterman fountain pens are crafted by some of the best innovators and genius inventors resulting in an excellent writing tool.

With the aid of technological advancement, the company continued producing high-quality fountain pens. Like other pen companies, the Waterman produced several models of fountain pens including the Carene, The Audace, The Edson, The Liason, The Expert, and The Exception.

7. Sailor

The Sailor is a Japan-made fountain pen. This is probably one of the best pens originated in Asia. However, the company expanded its marketing effort worldwide.

People love this fountain pen due to its fine writing quality. The quality speaks elegance, precision, and comfortable writing experience of a user.

Sailor fountain pens come in different models including the Sailor Classic, Sailor 1911 Fresca Blue, sailor 1911L, and the Sailor 1911S. If you are one of the fountain lovers around the world, you probably have attested these pens’ undeniable quality performance.

8. Aurora

Aurora fountain pens simply reflect iconic beauty, durability, and high-quality performance. This luxury brand is created by some of the best pen creators in the world. The combination of awesome craftsmanship, beautiful design, and attention to detail resulting in unique and eye-catching fountain pens.

Aurora fountain pens have several model variations. The most favorite models around the world are the Aurora Tu Fountain Pen, Aurora Style Resin Fountain Pen, and many more. These fountain pens have three things in common, quality, durability, and elegance.

9. Lamy

Lamy fountain pens are manufactured in Germany. The company was founded in 1930 by Josef Lamy. Although younger compared to its market competitors, these fountain pens never left behind in terms of quality and excellent performance.

The Lamy fountain pens have superb quality and outstanding classic appearance. The beauty of these fountain pens is simply timeless. Most luxury fountain pens are expensive. The Lamy fountain pens are the exception. The combination of quality and affordability surely astound the user.

10. Pilot

The pilot is known for producing quality ballpoint pens. But the company also manufactures high-quality fountain pens that are sold around the world.

Pilot was founded in Tokyo, Japan. Pilot fountain pens are known for their smooth writing performance, gorgeous appearance, and incredible durability.

What are the best fountain pen brands?

Well, this list only provides you with a glimpse of the number of choices when it comes to choosing the best fountain pens. At the end of the day, you alone can know it. Ultimately, it depends on your needs.