Yoobi Ballpoint Pen

Yoobi Ballpoint Pen

Yoobi Ballpoint Pen

Ballpoint pen is a simple and fundamental tool that opens up the curtains of many possibilities. Ballpoint pen ‘ball pen’ is a product of the creative and innovative mind of John J. Loud followed by further development of Laszlo Biro. It is one of the tools that have made our life easier.

Eventually, each of us will pass a stage when ballpoint pen will play a significant part in our life even with the uprising usage of technology— and that is during our student days. And during that stage, we can say that a ballpoint pen is a tool to draw great doors and write great opportunities.

As a child, we have the thirst to explore and learn from the world around us. In a creative and factual perspective, with the use of pencil and paper, we learn to inscribe our colorful imaginations into drawings.  With trials and errors, we were able to construct a world out of the creative minds we have as a child. And in due course, penning these imaginations led us to start creating and building our dreams.

We were asked numerous times about what we want to be in the future, a lot of answers were merely based on what we typically encounter during our early childhood. Teacher, Doctor, Police and other professions are just one of the many dreams we wanted as a child as we grow old. With that in mind, these two basic tools are our foundation as we start to learn things that have been our practicing tool throughout our development as a child. A tool appropriate in our stage of learning.

As we grow old, the tools we use in learning as well as change. From a pencil when we are more like trying to learn writing than to ballpoint pens when we now write what we learn. Ballpoint pens are an output of creative minds that, indeed, make our studying way easier. It is the tool, together with a piece of white-lined paper, that has mainly witnessed how we first created our dreams; the main tools that know our silent dreams, has seen how we learn to bloom those dreams, has been with us as we struggle to strive and reach our dreams, and has checked our little progress as we learn along our way in reaching our dreams.

Yes, writing tools are that significant in our progress. May it be as a student or just simply us as a child or as a person. However, constraints are inevitable that causes a lot of children to face struggles in order to have these tools. As a basis of that is the result of the market research of Kalish together with his business partner as they found out that a significant number of teachers were paying for school supplies out of their own pocket because a lot of their students do not have the access to these needed fundamental supplies.

Therefore, with the purpose to eradicate such struggles and help these kids to have the fundamental tools that they could use in building their dreams, founders envision a venture that would take the concept of “giving” to a new level. With that, a business center for the greater cause has been established.

In the mid of the year 2014, a new brand under the supervision of a successful businessman Ido Leffler and Lance Kalish has been established in the United States embodies a vision, “to one day provide all kids in need with the tools they need to learn and be creative”. In accordance with that, Ido Leffler wanted to have a brand name that would cause excitement to people with the notion and purpose.

Yoobi is a fast-growing school supplies company driven with the idea to inspire and encourage children to dream who they want to be and strive to achieve it by giving them the fundamental tools. Yoobi is dedicated to letting the dreams of every student be their realities by developing a colorful and vibrant tool to create a spark in learning with a significant cause of donating school supplies for each of the items purchased to children in need. It is a way of the founders to give back to the community which could as well serve as a catalyst to inspire and influence the next generations to value life-long leanings and contributes to the community.

Yoobi Ballpoint Pen

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The Yoobi Ballpoint Pen is one of the 500 varieties of products that Yoobi brand has to offer to its customers. It follows the ‘one-for-one’ concept which eventually becomes the meaning of the brand name Yoobi itself, ‘one for you; one for me”, meaning that for every Yoobi item that someone would buy, another Yoobi item is being donated to a child or classroom in need. In order to systematically execute this vision, Yoobi was able to form a partnership with The Kids In Need Foundation and Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Furthermore, with a clear set of goals and vision, Yoobi was able to accumulate a profit of S20 million from its first year of operation (June 2014- June 2015) amongst its target of 2000 stores after its launch. In fact, as according to Kalish, Yoobi was as well able to reach 1.4 million American kids thus leading the brand to become one of the 100 Brilliant companies in the Entrepreneur Magazine during the year 2015.

With a great start, Yoobi has decided to broaden its scope by launching in Australia at the end of the year, December 2015. The following three years had also been fruitful as they were able to reach 3million children across the world.

Literally, ballpoint pens are just a tool consisting of a plastic cylinder, liquid ink and a needle-like point with a small rolling ball. A typical definition we usually refer to what it is mainly used for, that we forget the essence of having it. But then looking at a deeper perspective about the part it plays in everyone’s life, it is not just what we’re thinking and seeing every day. It is more than just a mere tool used to write.  In that context, ballpoint pens reflect our own image or the mirror of ourselves. It is a tool we usually used to express emotions and our inner thoughts.

At the end of the day, writing using these basic tools teaches us how to become careful in every decision we are about to make. It is possible that we are going to commit a lot of mistakes that will leave a mark that can’t be erased as it is permanent but these mistakes are really what makes each of us a better version of ourselves by learning on it. For we are the actor of our own story, we determine how we are going to significantly use every ink to create worthy works that we can call “ours” and use it as a tool in achieving what we want. Because a dreamer is someone who is not paddling a boat with the flow of the river but against it to reach the top as the river flows from top to bottom. A true winner is those who failed the most but conquer it with the passion of burning their hearts.

Going back, Yoobi Family has stated that instead of asking these kids what they want to be, asking them who they want to be is rather appropriate than the former. The aim that this constructed word has captured a lot of interest from the people. A different approach in a saturated industry that could give its customers a further sense of purpose to buy as such a simple tool like ballpoint pens. It is also a sentence that is practically an enactment of the main purpose of the company itself. That dreams are what Yoobi aims to nurture and the very first reason it has been established.

Years by years, Yoobi is growing and reaching thousands of children. A positive result born out from the mere creative and innovative minds of the founders and dedications of the people working to make all these world-changing deeds came into life

This Yoobi Ballpoint pen is just one of the varieties of products consisting of Yoobi, but a ballpoint pen is the start of a big result from the life of every child that has received such a tool. A ballpoint pen that could lead each student to create dreams as wonderful and change-driven like these people who have been able to reach and help them.

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